So, you are a head of comms

I have been interested in the discussion taking place in the last few days about the role of the head of communications. There has been an issue raised about how hard being the most senior communication person in an organisation is, particularly in the squeezed public sector. But what does the head of communications actually […]

Wanted: someone to PR things

I expect that most of us haven’t looked at our job description recently unless we had a performance review or appraisal. If we do dust it off and have a look what does it say about our role and the way it is viewed within the organisation? There was an interesting conversation about this issue […]

Defining the future

If you have read many of the blogs during this year or even in previous years you will know that I have a real issue with ensuring communication and public relations operates at a strategic level. It is something that I believe is vital if the industry is to develop and be ‘taken seriously’ in […]

A panoramic view

Working in communication roles is a massive challenge and yet many of us still do it and more than that we enjoy doing it. Why is this when the pressure is huge and the demands are ever increasing? There are few departments in any organisation that are expected to know the intricate workings of the […]

Samsung: A PR disaster or operational crisis?

I was listening to a news report this morning that was talking about the problems that Samsung are having with the Galaxy Note 7. Towards the end of the article the reporter uttered the immortal phrase ‘this is a PR disaster for Samsung’. It is a phrase used a lot to describe something that has […]

Coffee, croissants and a taste for risk

I had an unusual breakfast this morning, not because of the choice of food but the location, company and discussion. The breakfast meeting was organised by the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and will be featured in a future edition of Influence magazine. So I won’t go into the detail of the discussion that […]

Keep the chat going

I got involved in a regular Tuesday night Twitterchat about strategic marketing communication subjects, with the hashtag #smxchat. Interestingly, tonight’s subject was about chats and who does them, the benefits and the pitfalls of organising and taking part in them. I have to confess that I have always loved taking part in online chats particularly […]

Fluffy or just finding the positive? – the PR stereotype

Everyone working in public relations has suffered the jibes about it being fluffy and about balloon releases. It is a stereotype that has been developed and taken hold over many years. The portrayal of PR people on television hasn’t helped the situation and has reinforced this view. We have to work hard to change this […]

Understand the comms team

Those in the know have said that Steve Jobs read all the press release issued by Apple. It may sound as if that is obsessive behaviour for a CEO but there is more to it than that. In the early days of any organisation the brand and the image that are portrayed are essential to […]

A sixth PR personality type

I read an interesting article today about the top five PR personality types by Chris Norton which outlined them as creative, plate-spinner, eternal optimist, networking extraordinaire and trend chaser. I think it misses one really key type that every PR and communication team needs – the doer. The doer is the person who can be […]