Building a future or telling a story?

I saw an interesting tweet today that said the role of CEO now needed them to be ‘chief storyteller’. It sounds like a phrase that hits all the latest fads and trends in communication. I have written before about the importance of telling stories to humans and how it can bring us together, making us […]

Interest and intrigue: a reply to Bob Leaf

The past 10 days have been momentous for many reasons and we look like there is still more interest and intrigue ahead. Today I read with interest a blog by noted communicator Bob Leaf that featured on Influence. I would recommend reading the blog if you are a communicator no matter where you are working. […]

Reflections on becoming chartered

It is just over a week since I went through the challenge of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) chartered day. In a week there will be a group of very nervous people on the next chartered day in London. Achieving chartered status is something that I have been focused on for the last […]

Reconnecting with employees

I enjoyed taking part in tonight’s #commschat on Twitter which was discussing employee engagement. It is something close to my heart as I have spent a large part of today discussing how to move internal communication to be less about broadcast and more about engagement. None of this is easy to achieve because all organisations […]

More than reputation

I have been doing a lot of thinking about the role of public relations in businesses and organisations. Is it the same as it was 10 or 20 years ago? What does it exist to achieve? How can it be the best? At the start there has to be the consideration of whether PR is […]

Break through the career dead-end

The debate about gender inequality within public relations has been taking place extensively over recent months and years. There have been lots of theories put forward about why women are not seen in management positions but are a significant group at entry level. I have my own views about it which was why an article […]

Does effective communication need big money?

The past 36 hours have shown how the world of communication is a vast thing that means different things to different people. At the same time as I was talking to people about how to make an impact with your communication when you have little or no budget, details of the £9m being spent on […]

Faster crisis, faster criticism

Crisis communication has changed. It has been evolving significantly in the past five years which seems to be linked to a few things including the developing technology. One of the key changes for me has been the speed by which people move through the stages of the crisis. Many years ago when people would have […]

The joy of public sector communication

I had a great opportunity tonight to talk about a subject I love – my work in public sector communication. The regularly weekly #commschat was given over to the discussion about what makes public sector communication different, challenging and enjoyable all at the same time. It was a fantastic opportunity to review what we deliver, […]

Time for politics

You can’t help but have noticed that we seem to be in the middle of a political frenzy. There is no way of escaping the debates, discussions and reports about politics that are filling the news programmes. The EU Referendum, Police and Crime Commissioner elections and other elections are all the focus of the media. […]