A place for media relations

The simple things in life are often the best. We are in a fast moving world where communication means we can all publish round-the-clock, and everyone can be a citizen journalist. Modern communicators focus on the changing world and can get fixated on new channels. Things are changing but some things also stay the same. […]

Communication in the boardroom

I was reading an interesting ‘open letter’ from communication professional Paul Masterman to local authority chief executives. The article outlined seven tips for communicating in 2016 but it was one particular point that I found particularly interesting. Paul’s point three is “Your Head of Communications should be in the room when you are making policy”. This […]

Do we value experience?

Tonight’s blog post came from a suggestion from my mum and of course who would go against a suggestion from their mum? I think it is borne from the fact she is reaching a milestone birthday this year (and I won’t mention which one!). In this fast world where things are not allowed to age […]

Speed or innovation?

I was considering today whether the speed of modern life is behind a lack of creativity. Does the fact that we are constantly rushing between things mean that we don’t ever spend time truly considering an issue and finding creative solutions? This is something that I think all communication professionals should consider. Most communication or […]

The importance of trust

I woke this morning to a news story about Age UK and while I don’t know enough about that issue to discuss it there were some significant things it highlighted. The crux of the matter was about a loss of trust and an impact on public confidence. These are issues that I have to face […]

Creativity and leadership

The subject of leadership was being much discussed during my day. I was interested to listen to a talk by Drew Povey who is the headteacher of Harrop Fold School, in Little Hulton. It was great to hear the views from another sector of work and to consider the similarities as well as differences. One […]

Robot speechwriters?

There was a fascinating story today about robots being able to write political speeches based on an algorithm developed by researchers at the University of Massachusetts that I happened across today. It was an interesting look at artificial intelligence and according to my mum put a question mark over the job I do. Given that statement […]

Stressful profession?

I couldn’t resist blogging about a survey that has been put together by job search site CareerCast ranking the most stressful professions. They looked at 200 professions against a range of criteria including deadlines, scrutiny, risk to life and interactions with the public. Out of it came a list of the 10 most stressful professions. […]

Know the standards

There was an interesting case that happened this week in Romania. It centred on the use of social media and online activity while at work. At the heart of it was whether a member of staff had their rights violated when the employer accessed the private messages that had been sent. Full details of the case […]

Five predictions for 2016

It is the day before everything gets back to normal. Tomorrow the children will be back in school, the decorations will probably be down, and people will return to work. This is also the time when I am considering what 2016 may mean for me in work and also for the communication professionals wherever they […]