CIPR Insights Group takes a virtual trip to Dublin

The first event of the CIPR Behavioural Insights Group for 2021, at 10am GMT on Wednesday January 13th  offers a sneak preview of the new work from the Dublin Conversations being launched later this year. Featuring a new toolkit with over 30 tools being freely shared, along with an overview of four Green Papers, a […]

How viral can combat virus – what we need is a coronavirus meme strategy

To tackle the Coronavirus we urgently need a meme strategy – using one form of virus to counter-act another. And current government health advice that it’s okay to shake hands could be fundamentally wrong: not on health grounds – but for missing a golden communications opportunity. The corona virus presents an extraordinarily communications challenge. With […]

‘Social Capital PR’ – a new branch of public relations practice

With declining levels of trust in media, influencers and experts, coupled with growing media fragmentation is the way forward to go back to the very basics of social interaction? Do we need to do less digital default and more face-to-face communications, building on relationships and shared identities? All of which helps build what is known […]

Dublin Conversation launches 100 days of discussion on future of ‘comms’

A new grass roots campaign, the ‘Dublin Conversation’, is planning what could be the biggest-ever shake-up in new thinking and doing, to enable public relations and advertising to be fitter for purpose, seize new opportunities, and address wider issues of growing distrust, division, and ‘fake news’. The Dublin Conversation is running an intellectual version of […]

Book Review: Inbound PR by Iliyana Stareva

Inbound a new way of doing PR and Comms Does public relations and communications need a new concept of ‘Inbound PR’? ‘Yes’ is the resounding answer from Iliyana Stareva in her new book ‘Inbound PR’, This is an essential read for any forward-thinking Comms and PR professional, and a huge wake up call to a […]

Has complexity changed how we do PR? Seasonal Panto makes the case

Smoking Gun is staging a seasonal pantomime, ‘Rick and the Beanstalk’. Featuring a two minute animated video, the panto, in a fun way, makes the serious plea for new thinking in integrated comms, content marketing and PR to secure the Golden Egg and avoid ‘Fluffy PR’. “Sometimes you need to use a light-hearted way to […]

‘Social Capital PR’ – a new branch of public relations practice?

Do we need ‘Social Capital PR’ – a new branch of public relations practice using social connections, relationships, norms, mutual obligations and identity to a place to achieve communication, engagement or behaviour change outcomes? We are creating a CIPR Working Party to explore the need and potential of the concept. The aim is to investigate […]

Theresa May fails the fundamentals of basic storytelling

Theresa May lost her UK General Election gamble because she failed the fundamentals of basic storytelling. Rather than engaging or inspiring, motivating the British electorate to support her quest for a larger parliamentary majority she achieved the opposite. Her stock, status and standing as the person to lead the British people as their Prime Minister […]