A Masters in PR and communication is closer than you think…..

Have you got your Diploma and are wondering what to do next? This is the path that the inspirational Hilary Berg has taken…… Over to you Hilary: Hilary Berg, PR Diploma graduate and about to complete her Masters. “This has been a great week. On top of starting an exciting new client project, I ran […]

Trump, Twitter and transformed political communication

  Nasrun Mir looked at the use of social media by UK politicians for his CIPR PR Diploma project so not surprisingly he has been following the US elections, and in particular Trump’s use of Twitter, with interest.  Here are his thoughts…. Donald J Trump’s legacy in politics, among other things, will be that he […]

Trust me I’m a PR expert – is it right for health communicators to ‘nudge’?

CIPR Advanced Certificate graduate, Nicollen Meek, writes about the ethical implications of using nudge as a way to deliver a health communications campaign.  It is based on her final course assignment – her critique – that you can read in full here. Nicollen Meek The NHS provides an invaluable service to millions across the UK, […]

Public Affairs – a perspective from Estonia

By Ann Pilkington How different is public affairs in other countries? I was delighted to catch up with our CIPR Public Affairs Diploma graduate Mariliis Topp at the recent CIPR graduation event. Mariliis is Head of Communications at AS Tallinna Vesi, a NASDAQ OMX listed Estonian utility company. It was an opportunity to find out […]

New research highlights challenges to using enterprise social networks (ESNs)

Our Kevin Ruck has been doing some research and found that fewer than 50% of respondents believe that the implementation of these internal social media tools in their organisation has been successful. Despite the challenges to the successful implementation of ESNs identified by respondents, 66% of them agree that ESNs are having a positive impact […]

Crisis, what crisis? Five ways to know if it’s the real thing

Recently I have seen a few challenging comms and media handling situations described as a crisis – but are they?   As PR and communicators are we sometimes too quick to call a crisis? I asked Chris Tucker who has handled more than a few in her time and leads our crisis comms diploma to define […]

Crisis comms and public affairs – top skills gaps revealed

Perhaps it is no surprise that crisis communication is one of the top skills gaps identified in our annual trend survey – there have been some pretty high profile crises in the past year making it top of mind for many communicators. It is interesting in light of this finding to also learn that for […]

A model for employee comms in a crisis

How does an organisation recover its reputation after a crisis? Research by the Ipsos MORI Reputation Centre has just been released and I was delighted to be asked along to join a panel discussion, particularly with our CIPR Crisis Communication Diploma about to start. So what did we learn? The research was done among MPs […]

AgeUK – Three crisis management strategies that didn’t work and why

What is the right crisis communication strategy for a charity under attack? With our next CIPR Crisis Communication Diploma starting soon, it is top of mind for course leader Chris Tucker. Here she explains what went wrong for AgeUK.   “It is not difficult to imagine the shock waves that must have gone through AgeUK’s […]