5 lessons from Trump’s victory

Whilst I certainly won’t claim to have predicted a Trump win, I can certainly understand how he’s managed it. Here’s 5 lessons that we can learn from his victory. Have a simple and clear purpose Trump’s point of view – that America is in decline and is in need of radical change – was simple and clearly articulated. […]

‘Is political advertising dead’ #QTWTAIN

QTWTAIN, for the uninitiated, is an acronym of Questions To Which The Answer Is No which was originated by journalist John Rentoul. It refers to the age-old tactic used by commentators to create a sensational story out of nothing by writing “headlines in the form of questions to which the author or publisher implies that […]

Sadiq Khan: political branding

Sadiq Khan, the Labour Party’s candidate in the London Mayoral elections taking place in May this year, has developed a brilliant logo for his candidacy. The multi-coloured graphical depiction of the river Thames is a clever shorthand for Khan for a few reasons: It’s instantly recognisable as a London landmark so links the candidate with […]

Ted goes after Trump

One of Sen. Ted Cruz’s Super Pac’s (supportive but independent campaign groups) has released a new ad aggressively attacking Trump’s record on abortion. The footage is taken from Trump’s appearance on TV news programme ‘meet the press’ in 1999. Subsequent to that interview, in 2011, Trump renounced those views, but that hasn’t stopped Ted Cruz’s supporters going […]

Brands and election-themed gimmicks

Earlier today the BBC Daily Politics kindly invited me on to their show to discuss election-themed products and promotions. You can watch here from 55.41, but the gist of what I said is as follows: There’s 2 reasons why brands use election gimmicks. The first is a tactic called Newsjacking and the second is a strategy […]

Digital tactics in 2015 general election

Robert Cookson at The Financial Times has written a nice article on the digital aspect of the 2015 general election campaigns. When I spoke to Robert I gave him my point of view that the scale of the paid-for digital campaigns in this election is unprecedented in the UK and that political parties – particularly the […]

Party Election Broadcasts

The three main political parties have all released their first party election broadcasts of the short campaign. They’re all too long and all too boring. Labour’s offering featuring Martin Freeman is comfortably the best, but the script writer deserves a slap on the wrist for trying to cram every piece of messaging they could think of into […]

The price of Labour: £3,028 extra tax for every working family

The Conservative Party have opened a new front of attack by criticising Labour’s taxation plans in a new poster. The Conservatives have plucked arrived at a figure of £3,028 (seemingly from nowhere) for how much extra tax a working family would pay under a Labour government. This isn’t one of the Tory’s better posters.  It’s fairly […]

UKIP Poster: immigration three times higher under the Tories 

UKIP released a new(ish) poster yesterday which attacks the Conservatives record on immigration. The poster features 3 escalators ascending the cliffs of Dover. It’s a very provocative and arresting image, but it is essentially an adaptation of an execution that was run in the European election campaign in 2014. We haven’t seen any of the […]