CIPR recognition for USW post-grad course

The CIPR has accredited the MSc in Public Relations at the University of South Wales (USW). On the USW course – which was analysed in detail by CIPR officials before gaining accreditation – students learn a range of PR skills, including Concepts and Practice; Brands and Reputation Management; Strategic Marketing; Content Marketing; Managing Professional Development; […]

Chartered PR – everyone should do it

Aura PR’s Laura Sutherland blogs about the importance of becoming a Chartered PR practitioner – and gives her insight in to the process. New era for the PR profession The PR business is swiftly changing into a profession which requires validated skills and knowledge. There are some of us who are not only striving to […]

Is our obsession with labels a dangerous habit?

CIPR Trainer Lorraine Forrest-Turner asks whether we should think twice before using some common descriptions. Should we really be using the same terminology to describe a man locked up without trial for 13 years and an actor playing a fictitious spy? A few weeks ago, the mass media reported that Shaker Aamer, the last British […]

Judge the PR industry’s most prestigious awards

The Excellence Awards are the most credible international awards in public relations. As the profession’s chartered body, we don’t give out awards lightly. Our 90-strong team of expert judges select the shortlist and hold panel interviews with successful entrants in each category. The standards of our awards process were recognised last year at the Association […]

Seven ways to secure your first job in PR

David Alexander, Managing Director of Calacus Public Relations, gives us his advice to young professionals and graduates looking to land their first public relations role. Getting your first job in PR – or many other professions for that matter – is never easy. Even when I started out as a journalist 20-odd years ago, it […]

Leaving a lasting impression

Gordon Glenister, Director General of the British Promotional Merchandise Association (bpma), talks to the Conversation about the many changes in the way we communicate with business and consumers alike. We are overwhelmed with communication messages and the job of PR isn’t getting any easier.  The bpma has recently unveiled some research into the attitudes of marketers […]

How to stop writing clichés and start writing truths

By CIPR trainer, Lorraine Forrest-Turner Despite the fact that journalists squirm when they read about companies going from strength to strength and editors put red pens through state of the art showrooms, the PR profession remains guilty of peppering press releases, annual reports, case studies and just about everything else it writes with horrible business […]

Diversity should be more than just a slogan

Lord Chris Smith, Chairman of the Advertising Standards Authority, and Andrew Barratt, Head of Ogilvy Pride UK, have written about the need for a sincere commitment to diversity. Just a few weeks ago Washington DC was awash with rainbow colours and delighted celebrations as the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide. A sea-change for America. […]