What We Can Learn from Organisations Who Flourished During COVID

By Natasha Bougourd. When the knock-on effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are discussed, much of the focus is on the impact on the economy and our physical and mental health. While many businesses have suffered, others have flourished – exercise equipment, homeware, DIY, and gardening retailers, amongst others. When it comes to business-to-business, technology providers, […]

Annenberg Communication Report: Polarization, Purpose, and PR

By Andras Sztaniszlav. The USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations published its Global Communication Report this year again. Since Fred Cook was appointed as its director, visibility has got a more prominent role (besides professional quality). This annual report always focuses on one major trend based on the outcomes of a preceding questionnaire. The research team […]

Covering a Pandemic: The Impact of COVID-19 on Journalists

By Lindsey Piercy, Senior Information Specialist, University of Kentucky. Fast-paced and deadline-driven — two phrases that are often used to describe the demanding world of news. The challenges facing TV journalists are unique. They’re exposed to traumatic events and experience a lack of resources due to budget restraints. On top of that, add the stressors that accompany […]

Are Business Leaders Taking Advantage of WFH at the expense of Creativity?

By Duncan Ward, Chief Executive Officer, Enreach UK. Since the beginning of the pandemic, the work commute has been reduced to a short stroll from one room to another. Working from home has become the new normal and employee survey responses have backed up that it’s unlikely many will ever return full time to the […]

Want to give perfect client service? Tough luck, you’re human 

By Paul Hutchings, founder fox&cat. Trust, leading to loyalty and commitment. This is what comms agencies want from their clients, and what clients also want from their agencies. It’s a kind of courtship where clients get the expert outsider’s perspective on their challenge and agencies get to deliver creative strategies and solutions to help overcome […]

We need to show graduates what a great career PR is

By James Knight. One of the many negatives of the pandemic will be the high unemployment rates of young graduates in our profession – young people who dream of a career in PR, Marketing, Sponsorship, Advertising and Events. Their dreams may have been shattered, we need positive campaigns and creation of jobs in larger companies […]

Three things you can expect from Trudy Lewis at the CIPR East Anglia’s Best PRactice Conference: Bitesize

Trudy will be speaking on ‘Leading the way: The communicator’s role to achieve successful change’ on Thursday 22nd April 12:30-1.30pm. Here are three things you can expect from her session: 1 Work in partnership and develop relationships: Always aim to work closely with other key departments. This means building relationships and supporting HR, IT and […]

Feeling the pressure? What even is pressure?

Pressure affects us all differently. But one thing is certain… left unresolved, pressure will have a lasting negative effect on culture of in-house communications teams and agencies. By Paul Hutchings, founder of fox&cat. Pressure. For some this word induces thoughts of stress and anxiety. For others it’s exciting, motivating or encouraging. But for most it […]