We need to show graduates what a great career PR is

By James Knight. One of the many negatives of the pandemic will be the high unemployment rates of young graduates in our profession – young people who dream of a career in PR, Marketing, Sponsorship, Advertising and Events. Their dreams may have been shattered, we need positive campaigns and creation of jobs in larger companies […]

Three things you can expect from Trudy Lewis at the CIPR East Anglia’s Best PRactice Conference: Bitesize

Trudy will be speaking on ‘Leading the way: The communicator’s role to achieve successful change’ on Thursday 22nd April 12:30-1.30pm. Here are three things you can expect from her session: 1 Work in partnership and develop relationships: Always aim to work closely with other key departments. This means building relationships and supporting HR, IT and […]

Feeling the pressure? What even is pressure?

Pressure affects us all differently. But one thing is certain… left unresolved, pressure will have a lasting negative effect on culture of in-house communications teams and agencies. By Paul Hutchings, founder of fox&cat. Pressure. For some this word induces thoughts of stress and anxiety. For others it’s exciting, motivating or encouraging. But for most it […]

WFH a year on – what have we learned?

By Ollie Tunmore, Senior Account Executive, Spa Communications. The last thing anyone needs to read today is yet another article telling us how ‘2020 shocked the world’, or ‘how the workforce of today will never be the same’, and how these are ‘unprecedented times’. However, the past 12 months have undoubtedly been a testing period […]

Engage your workforce to make collaborative content

By Alex Hughes, CEO and Co-founder, Binumi Pro. Want to reflect the diverse nature of your business and the breadth of talent within it? Are you global in reach but want to be able to show that you are a people-first company? Then you should embrace collaborative content as a means of showing these sides […]

5 ways to improve productivity while Working From Home

The ‘always on’ world of PR often requires a conscious effort to switch off after work. The remote working revolution triggered by the pandemic has made it even more of a challenge to ensure the boundaries between work and home are not blurred. By Ann Scott, Senior Account Manager, Genesis. With no arduous commute home, […]

YouTube’s pioneering technology trial

By Mary Keane-Dawson, Group CEO of TAKUMI. YouTube has recently announced that it will be trialing a new technology that can detect items shown in videos and generate a list of related products for consumers to buy. Automated suggestions will appear as viewers scroll on the platform. The technology will allow users to identify products […]

Do we have PR fatigue?

By James Knight. One year on with Covid we have had good and bad PR for those in the public eye. The vaccine situation has been good PR for the Government. The scientists at Astra Zeneca/Oxford deserve all the good PR in the world. I am not here to knock the Government but we have […]

The two-faced communicator

By Jane Wilson and Joanna Wells, co-founders of communication and content agency JW Squared. There are two fundamental questions when designing or evaluating a communication or content strategy. These are ‘does this align with our wider business strategy? (will it make the boat go faster?) and ‘does this align with the aspirations of the people we […]

CIPR Health: Chris Hopson on the role of communications and the boardroom

By Claire Routh, Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership. I was invited to attend this webinar by a lovely colleague and CIPR Health committee member, Katherine Raven. Being mid-way through an assignment about the role of strategic communications as part of a postgraduate course, courtesy of the Centre for Health Communications Research, the […]