The two-faced communicator

By Jane Wilson and Joanna Wells, co-founders of communication and content agency JW Squared. There are two fundamental questions when designing or evaluating a communication or content strategy. These are ‘does this align with our wider business strategy? (will it make the boat go faster?) and ‘does this align with the aspirations of the people we […]

CIPR Health: Chris Hopson on the role of communications and the boardroom

By Claire Routh, Mid and South Essex Health and Care Partnership. I was invited to attend this webinar by a lovely colleague and CIPR Health committee member, Katherine Raven. Being mid-way through an assignment about the role of strategic communications as part of a postgraduate course, courtesy of the Centre for Health Communications Research, the […]

The joy of interviewing and what it tells you about leaders

In this extract from his latest book The Nine Types of Leader, renowned city journalist James Ashton reflects on that ultimate piece of Chief Executive media relations – the press interview. Over more than 20 years of journalism I have accrued hours and hours in the company of chief executives. Sometimes fleetingly, for the best […]

Truly hybrid – the only strategy that matters now

By Christopher Bo Shields, Chief Creative Officer and Co-founder, Totem. What is your marketing and events strategy looking like for the coming year? How does the prospect of a return to real life events affect the shift to 100% online that you arrived at after many late nights and Zoom calls? It’s tempting to think […]

How to ensure your content works as hard as it can

By Carrie Webb, head of content, The Bigger Boat. Content now needs to cut through vast noise if it’s to resonate with the right people and impact on the bottom line. Quality content that empathises with and engages audiences is a must to drive conversations, deliver unrivalled experiences and increase conversions. With so many brands […]

Unchartered Territory

By Alison Gallagher-Hughes. There are probably many reasons why CIPR practitioners embark on the journey to Chartership: career development, advancement, management… but for me, it was personal. I’ve worked in communications for more than 30 years – initially as a newspaper journalist and then in public relations, through a variety of different roles: in-house and […]

Communicating During COVID: What Changed and Why

By Julian Rea, Managing Director at Liminal. 2020 will be remembered across the world as the year that, for a time at least, changed everything. Our lives were altered in ways both trivial and profound, as society reset on a planetary scale. But what has really stood out for me is how quickly the “new […]

Iprovision looks to support professionals facing lockdown burnout

By Lizzie D’Angelo. With the latest news on the government’s four-step coronavirus roadmap, there are plenty of challenges facing communications professionals as we emerge from lockdown life. Hands up who’s feeling burnt out? That was the recent subject of my team meeting, over video call, of course, as we discussed the end of another incredibly […]

Why so much ‘storytelling’ is just telling

By Simon Brooke. If there’s one word that dominates the lexicon of communications and public relations professionals at the moment, it’s storytelling. Everyone’s doing it – chief executives, politicians, charity bosses and communications professionals. Or at least they think they’re doing it. The fact is that what many people call storytelling simply isn’t storytelling at […]

Government’s NHS PR Disaster

By James Knight. If you want to find yourself some bad PR right now why not take on the NHS? That seems to be the Government’s strategy. As a member of the public I feel one per cent pay rise is a real slap in the face for staff. As I have said before, without […]