Purpose-driven messaging: engaging the next generation

By Mia Claselius, Head of Communications for ABB Electrification. We live, work and play in an always-on environment immersed in continuous delivery of messages from digital channels and virtual interactions. Experienced in filtering out this noise, the next generation seek trust and purpose, meaningful relationships and true two-way dialogue. The next generation, Gen Z, has […]

Making 2021 the year of meaningful connections

By Jamie Bentley. According to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer Spring Update: A World in Trauma, a company/technical expert (59%), academic expert (57%) and person like yourself (56%) are the only credible spokespeople of today. So, its critically important for businesses to lead where they have expertise and use their people, their biggest assets as […]

Saving lives over London

By James Knight. One of our emergency services often overlooked is London’s Air Ambulance Charity based out of The Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, with a specialist team that can save lives in a matter of minutes. I will talk about how they have managed in the Covid lockdown, with the help of a very positive […]

Why every business needs a culture narrative that employees can own

By Cierra Dobson, Strategy Director, Rufus Leonard. As employers across nearly all sectors struggle to hire talent in 2021, taking an active role in defining and embedding a culture can help attract and retain the best talent. What do we mean by culture? Compared to strategy and leadership, culture is described as the more ‘elusive […]

PR: The Persuasion Game

By Ashley Carr, Founder and Managing Director of Neo PR. With most forms of marketing either in decline or at least going through a dramatic refocus, PR remains steadfast as the one-to-many communication method for businesses. Indeed, as a resurgence in the consumption of news – especially local news – and with an audience sat […]

Psychologists now the most sought-after experts by journalists

By Andy Barr, CEO of digital marketing agency 10yetis. Newsjacking is an integral skill for any digital PR agency, and more recently (in the last five years or so) has arguably drawn level with meticulously-planned campaigns in terms of its importance. Now, more so than ever, the news agenda is fickle and everchanging – as are […]

Finding a Cultural Oasis (before shifting to a hybrid way of working)

By Colin Cather, creative director, Bottle PR. There is probably no one-shot silver bullet to re-igniting agency culture after the last 18-months. Organisational experts and professors of workplace vibe-ology disagree as much as they agree. Go softly-softly or plunge in? So, in an either-or, definitely-maybe, situation like this, who could we at Bottle PR turn […]

Reputation data can be a lever for strategic organisational change

Steve Shepperson-Smith has had a career of over 20 years in PR both in agency and in-house. For the past decade he has worked in global corporate communications roles and is a Director of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. Here he looks at the importance of reputation measurement in the work of PR professionals. […]

The Media, The Newswire, and The Fake Press Release

By Tricia Fox. It was only a matter of time after the explosion of that new phenomenon, fake news, that we were to get an uptick in the next best thing which is the fake press release. This week the media was buzzing with the news that cryptocurrency litecoin was going to be accepted as a payment […]