Report spotlights urgent need to address Corporate Digital Responsibility

By Charlotte McLeod, CEO, Allegory. The failure of organisations to manage data and digital technologies frequently generates high profile headlines. Corporate Digital Responsibility (CDR) is a broad set of responsibilities related to the application and management of data and digital technologies. It has emerged as a critical risk issue for boards in light of high-profile […]

British PR Walking on Sunshine

By James Knight. Hi happy holiday makers! Hi de hi from my holiday camp in Clacton, or shall I say Richmond-upon-Thames? The British holiday resorts have risen to the challenge of British holiday makers, excellent PR from the public relations and marketing people. Places like St Ives, Bournemouth, and Brighton have always had a great […]

Five years post-referendum: ‘the digital campaign revolution continues’

As we pass the five year anniversary of the EU Referendum, the former chief technical officer of Vote Leave, Thomas Borwick, reflects on digital comms and campaigning, how it’s changed since the referendum and what we can expect politically after Covid. The seismic vote that happened in June 2016 could very easily happen again now […]

Holding companies versus Independents: David versus Goliath redux? 

By Darryl Sparey (Chart.PR), MD Hard Numbers, and Co-founder of The Family. Like most people, I’ve had rather a lot of time on my hands over the course of the past 18 months. Being stuck at home through three national lockdowns, and being based in Bournemouth rather than Central London, has given me time to […]

Top tips for TikTok communications in universities

By Crispin Thorold. Love it or loathe it there’s no avoiding TikTok as a communications tool. It’s the world’s fastest growing app, a standout winner among Gen Z, and for a while Donald Trump’s least favourite social channel. TikTok is never far from the headlines. It began life as, a platform where kids danced and […]

No More Trust-Washing: Walk the Walk, Don’t Just Fly the Flag

By Steve Heywood, GM, Edelman Amsterdam. As Pride month draws to a close across the world – and companies remove the rainbows from their logos, my view is that it remains critical for companies to demonstrate deep systemic commitment to LGBTQ – walking the walk as well as flying the flag. As an agency which […]

The impact of Apple’s new data privacy update for brands

By Hayley Coleby, Head of Social at The PHA Group. Data privacy is an issue that is almost as old as the internet itself, but only recently has it become such a thorny subject. The issue was brought to the forefront of public debate in 2018, when Donald Trump’s 2016 presidential election campaign team was […]

Public Relations Plays a Key Role in CPR Awareness

By James Knight. Despite some great matches, one event on the pitch has overshadowed the others at Euro 2020 – Denmark’s Christian Eriksen collapsing during their opening game with Finland. Great work from the emergency team on hand saved his life, and the from the players, who formed a protective screen around him. It was […]