Good Communications can be an Illusion, as the Super League Shows

By James Knight. Good communications is a leading business trait, this week we have seen leading billionaires manage, with a magical sleight of hand, to rip-up decency in sport and business. In PR terms the European Super League ranks with the Titanic: too good to sink, it has sunk. We have seen rival fans get […]

Is the Metaverse the next big thing in marketing? 

By Rory Kenny, CEO, Loudly. What is a Metaverse? It’s a relatively new term but one that is gaining momentum and one that the marketing world should start paying attention to. Meaning ‘beyond universe’ the possibilities of the Metaverse are truly limitless. Essentially the Metaverse is a virtually shared space where you can work, play […]

How brands can harness social movements (without just jumping on the bandwagon)

By Chip Walker, Head of Strategy at StrawberryFrog and co-author of Activate Brand Purpose. Connecting with people emotionally is the holy grail in marketing, and it’s one of the challenges I find clients complain most about. The million-dollar question is – how do you find that emotional connection? I’ve seen marketers sometimes go to absurd […]

Colin the Caterpillar litigation comms crawl

By Matt Baldwin. The battle between Colin and Cuthbert – both caterpillars and cakes – is crawling towards the courts, shuffled along by a cringeworthy litigation comms campaign driven, it seems, by Aldi’s social media team. The details of the case can easily be found online, but it is unlikely that either retailer will emerge […]

Don’t be a kneejerk – what to expect from Sue Keogh at the CIPR East Anglia’s Best Practice Conference: Bitesize

Sue, from award-winning digital marketing agency Sookio, will be speaking on ‘Social Media strategy; don’t be a kneejerk’ on Thursday 29 April 12:30-1:30pm. Here’s Sue on what you can expect from her session: “What’s a social media trend you’ve leapt on – and wished you hadn’t bothered? Or one where you feel like you were […]

The Art World is Full of Opportunities for Young PR Professionals

By James Knight. The BBC programme Fake or Fortune with Fiona Bruce and international art dealer Philip Mould has achieved so much of awareness of the Arts. As the two of them examine people’s paintings to ascertain if they are originals or fakes they give the Art world original PR. To keep-up interest in the […]

What We Can Learn from Organisations Who Flourished During COVID

By Natasha Bougourd. When the knock-on effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are discussed, much of the focus is on the impact on the economy and our physical and mental health. While many businesses have suffered, others have flourished – exercise equipment, homeware, DIY, and gardening retailers, amongst others. When it comes to business-to-business, technology providers, […]

Annenberg Communication Report: Polarization, Purpose, and PR

By Andras Sztaniszlav. The USC Annenberg Center for Public Relations published its Global Communication Report this year again. Since Fred Cook was appointed as its director, visibility has got a more prominent role (besides professional quality). This annual report always focuses on one major trend based on the outcomes of a preceding questionnaire. The research team […]