Flying the Flag for the Royal Hospital, Chelsea

By James Knight. If you are in the area of Chelsea and Sloane Square you will know the familiar sight of the Chelsea Pensioners in their bright scarlet uniforms. If see them I always speak to them, they really like taking to the public, with interesting stories. The Pensioners live at The Royal Hospital, which […]

Five things brands need to get right to succeed at social commerce

By Aaron Brooks, Co-Founder, Vamp. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, now is the time for brands to consider ideas for boosting their sales – and there are few options as simple and effective as embracing social commerce. Worldwide, internet users spend an average of 145 minutes every day on social networking apps. That’s […]

With a billion users on TikTok, B2B needs to get on board

By Jennifer Brennan, Digital Strategist, Fox Agency. B2B is always looking for new and exciting ways to shake off its reputation as ‘boring to boring’ and with TikTok reaching a whopping billion active users, according to Market Watch, it’s high time that B2B brands joined the party. If you still think TikTok’s sole purpose is […]

Reputation Management in the Public Eye

By Neil McLeod, Director of Strategic Communications at The PHA Group. For many, it is difficult to glance at the front pages on newsstands without feeling a sense of doom and despair. Labour shortages are causing issues with supply chains, there are pictures of empty supermarket shelves, the cost of living is soaring, and the […]

Mental Health Hotline showcased in charity report

By Dave Sanders. The iprovision Mental Health Hotline has been featured as an example of how offering anonymous support can overcome some of the stigma that may be felt by people in need of support from their profession’s charity. A new report by the Association of Charitable Associations (ACO) – the umbrella body for charities […]

Prize draws with an influencer: what you need to know

By Sarah Burns, Managing Director, Prizeology. For brands, conducting a promotional activity like a prize draw in conjunction with an influencer can be extremely beneficial, but it’s vital to be aware of the potential pitfalls as well. Prize draws are regulated by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), through the CAP Code, and central to the […]

Cutting customer churn  

By Clare Breakspear, Head of Planning and Insight at Parkhouse. Churn modelling enables businesses to identify customers about to abandon ship and empowers them to target these customers and motivate them to stay. Successfully applied churn modelling can improve customer retention and lifetime value and save a business a fortune in new customer acquisition costs. Detecting risk You first need to understand the key drivers behind churn. An effective way of doing […]

Purpose-driven messaging: engaging the next generation

By Mia Claselius, Head of Communications for ABB Electrification. We live, work and play in an always-on environment immersed in continuous delivery of messages from digital channels and virtual interactions. Experienced in filtering out this noise, the next generation seek trust and purpose, meaningful relationships and true two-way dialogue. The next generation, Gen Z, has […]

Making 2021 the year of meaningful connections

By Jamie Bentley. According to the 2021 Edelman Trust Barometer Spring Update: A World in Trauma, a company/technical expert (59%), academic expert (57%) and person like yourself (56%) are the only credible spokespeople of today. So, its critically important for businesses to lead where they have expertise and use their people, their biggest assets as […]