Iprovision looks to support professionals facing lockdown burnout

By Lizzie D’Angelo. With the latest news on the government’s four-step coronavirus roadmap, there are plenty of challenges facing communications professionals as we emerge from lockdown life. Hands up who’s feeling burnt out? That was the recent subject of my team meeting, over video call, of course, as we discussed the end of another incredibly […]

Why so much ‘storytelling’ is just telling

By Simon Brooke. If there’s one word that dominates the lexicon of communications and public relations professionals at the moment, it’s storytelling. Everyone’s doing it – chief executives, politicians, charity bosses and communications professionals. Or at least they think they’re doing it. The fact is that what many people call storytelling simply isn’t storytelling at […]

Government’s NHS PR Disaster

By James Knight. If you want to find yourself some bad PR right now why not take on the NHS? That seems to be the Government’s strategy. As a member of the public I feel one per cent pay rise is a real slap in the face for staff. As I have said before, without […]

‘They said what?!’ Burger king’s IWD Shock Tactics Fail

By Andrew Rowley, PR and Marketing Account Manager at Brilliant. There’s no denying that shock tactics hold power. They get us talking. Encourage us to read on. Make campaigns memorable. And when it’s done right, whether it’s through some clever copy or a real-life stunt, the impact can be immeasurable and sometimes spark real change. […]

13 Quick tips for running a webinar

By Amanda Jackson, chair of the Lancashire subgroup of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) and part of the CIPR’s North West committee. Events are the lifeblood of the CIPR. They are where we meet, network, learn and explore new opportunities together. But in common with everyone else who had grown used to an […]

How Google’s phrase and BMM update will affect your PPC strategy

By Sean Healy, head of PPC at Jaywing. In February, Google announced some changes to the way they will match search queries to ads. For businesses that utilise Google Ads – formerly known as Google AdWords – to promote themselves to customers, this is likely to impact your PPC (pay-per-click) strategy. These changes specifically focus […]

Clubhouse: Overly hyped or the audio trendsetter for marketers?

By Yuval Ben-Itzhak, president at Socialbakers. Today Clubhouse boasts around 2 million weekly active users, with many people still waiting to receive an elusive invite. It is undoubtedly the app of the moment and the talk of the town. Appearances by Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg have propelled it into the limelight in the past […]

The future of media relations: maintaining engagement in a post-pandemic world

By Ella Wallace-Browne, senior account executive at Touchdown PR. Before 2020, socialising at work over a coffee or pizza was commonplace and this was no different for the press. Meeting with a public relations specialist, company spokesperson or networking with another journalist over a drink was an enjoyable way to get work done. Many journalists […]

Champions of our times deserve all the best in PR

By James Knight. Through all the negative PR that we have seen during the pandemic, there have been some glorious winners, people we can respect who deserve every inch of print and media coverage. I pay tribute to our great NHS that has excelled beyond its means, from doctors, nurses and all staff, they have […]

Communications are vital at every stage of M&As

By Neil McLeod, director of strategic communications, the PHA Group. Study after study puts the failure rate for Mergers and Acquisitions at somewhere between 70 and 90 per cent. Of course, every case is different, but, while each failure comes down to a unique set of challenges, communication issues are usually somewhere in the mix. […]