Why we need a crusade against ‘Fluffy PR’

By Rick Guttridge, MD Smoking Gun PR There is a ‘monster’ that is holding back public relations. It’s a monster that many in PR keep alive, nurture and feel comfortable with. But it’s a monster that will ultimately hold them back, creating a lesser destiny for all associated with ‘public relations. It’s called ‘Fluffy PR’. […]

Labour Party Conference – comms challenges abound

By Paula Keaveney I used to think the worst job in PR was being press officer for network rail. But the communications team in the Labour Party must sometimes feel that the worst job is now theirs. But despite the intense focus on splits and personalities, the team will be hoping that this year’s party conference […]

Lib Dem Conference comms challenges

By Paula Keaveney For those in politics, September means conference season.  The Lib Dem event later this month will be followed by Labour and Conservative get-togethers. And for each party there are key communication opportunities and challenges to deal with. I’ll be writing about what faces the comms professionals in all three parties, starting with Tim […]

Shaping Government’s Internal Communications – #CareerWins with Tom Warwick

Perceptions of public relations are changing. Nowhere is that more strongly evidenced than in the Government’s Communications Services (GCS). The GCS are positioned at the heart of the government’s ambition to provide economic security, protect national security and extend opportunity. The GCS 2016/17 Comms Plan is a must-read for public relations professionals. Perceptions of PR […]

How to avoid post-Brexit paralysis through effective internal communications

Roz Harvey, Managing Director, Marrow Communications The phrase ‘there is no certainty but uncertainty’ really rings true in this post-Brexit period. Theresa May’s recent comments that she “will not provide a running commentary on every twist and turn of the negotiation” only adds to the difficulty for companies to plan ahead. The British Chamber of […]

Mike Ashley proves the importance of holistic thinking in PR

By John Higginson, Head of Corporate Communications for ICG Some people disparagingly talk about PR as being all about spin: that it is all about style over substance. It is true that PR folk are highly cognizant of what things look like. But it is because of the substance not despite it. It is the job […]

Board liability and corporate reputation

By Andrew Day, Partner, Spring Law Corporate reputation cannot be measured in profits or share values so it is easy to skip over it in board meetings but, given the impact that damage to your reputation can have on a company, it should be treated as a top priority for every organisation – it should […]

Crisis communications during cyber attacks

By Gillian Reeves, Chair, CIPR Marcomms Group. We are living in a digital world but holding so much information in a digital domain brings risks. Two-thirds of big businesses have been hit by a cyber-attack in the past year, according to Department of Culture, Media and Sport Cyber Security Breaches Survey published in May 2016. […]

The Chinese State and public relations

By Elliot Wilson. Grotesquely stage-managed or a masterclass in coherent messaging? As China’s role in the global economy expands, and European governments struggle to speak with a single voice over migrants and other crises, should we seek lessons in old-school centralised PR? In February, China’s president Xi Jinping took time out from his busy schedule […]