Is your audience actually hearing what your message is truly about?

By Martin Lindstrom Our language has never evolved faster than it does today. These days, it takes a real effort to keep up — but it’s an essential part of communication. Take a term like Phubbing. Do you know the word? Well, neither did I. It refers to the practice of ignoring one’s companions in order […]

Disruptive or obnoxious? Digital economy and the fight for public trust

By Matthew Rock Our previous phone call had been interrupted, but now my father wanted to pick up again. “You were telling me about these new companies that don’t sound very nice; I think you called them ‘obnoxious’ or something.” Actually, I’d been trying to convey the notion of ‘disruptive’ businesses transforming markets with their digitally […]

A special 12 months as PR Director of the Year

By Bridget Aherne My position as current CIPR and IoD PR Director of the Year ends later today so I’m indulging myself by feeling special about it and what it’s meant. The intention was to blog about the value of winning an award shortly after the CIPR Excellence Awards on 3 June 2015 but events overtook […]

Ten steps to clear customer comms in financial services

By Rob Ettridge, client services director and co-founder of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. You’ve decided you’re going to refresh your communications to improve clarity and engagement for your customers. You understand the regulatory requirements from the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) around clear communication, and you’re keen to improve yours across the board. You have developed a tone of voice which […]

The communications illusion

By Rob Brown, CIPR President and Managing Partner, Rule 5. “The single biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” That’s how the exceptional Dr. Julie Lyn Hall, Head of Health at International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, finished her keynote address at the World PR Forum […]

Tone of voice – tips for getting it right

By Rob Ettridge, client services director and co-founder of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. You’ve realised that you need a tone of voice. You want everything you write and say to reflect who you are, and to build engagement and trust with customers and advisers. You know that creating a tone and refreshing your communications so that they’re clearer, […]

Measuring PR: what comes after AVE?

For years the communications industry has debated the use of advertising value equivalency (AVE), which persists despite obvious deficiencies. But will a new and interactive measurement tool finally kill off AVE? Or is chasing a single, catch-all solution a fool’s errand? And what does the future hold for a sector set on proving its worth? […]

The ‘m’ word – why we um and what we can do to stop it

Do your carefully-considered words trip perfectly from your mouth like golden honey from a warm spoon? Or do you punctuate every new thought with a long drawn out um, er or uh? While linguists agree that everyone uses fillers in speech, there are different views on who uses what – and whether they help or […]

Clear communication in the regulated financial industry

By Rob Ettridge, client services director and co-founder of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. Clear customer communications are particularly vital in the financial industry. Financial decisions are as important as any we ever make. People make life-changing choices based on material that they might not understand – or that they might not even have read. With this importance comes […]