Measuring PR: what comes after AVE?

For years the communications industry has debated the use of advertising value equivalency (AVE), which persists despite obvious deficiencies. But will a new and interactive measurement tool finally kill off AVE? Or is chasing a single, catch-all solution a fool’s errand? And what does the future hold for a sector set on proving its worth? […]

The ‘m’ word – why we um and what we can do to stop it

Do your carefully-considered words trip perfectly from your mouth like golden honey from a warm spoon? Or do you punctuate every new thought with a long drawn out um, er or uh? While linguists agree that everyone uses fillers in speech, there are different views on who uses what – and whether they help or […]

Clear communication in the regulated financial industry

By Rob Ettridge, client services director and co-founder of Red Lorry Yellow Lorry. Clear customer communications are particularly vital in the financial industry. Financial decisions are as important as any we ever make. People make life-changing choices based on material that they might not understand – or that they might not even have read. With this importance comes […]

Coming clean – can sport regain our trust?

Drugs scandals, institutional corruption and jail time for former stars – sport’s reputation has taken a pounding. It’s time to explain what’s been going on… By Mihir Bose, author and former BBC sports editor.  No three modern athletes could be more different than Victoria Pendleton, Maria Sharapova and Adam Johnson. The first is a double […]

3 tips for preparing to communicate during a cyber crisis

Ahead of this year’s Crisis Management Conference, Regester Larkin’s chief executive, Andrew Griffin, looks at how organisations can prepare for a cyber crisis. Organisations must be prepared to face any sort of crisis, from major physical incidents to scandals and performance failures. According to our recent crisis management survey, organisations are more confident in their […]

‘PR needs more people with a mathematical edge’

Chloe Staniforth, account executive with Cream, is the youngest ever accredited CIPR practitioner blogs for Influence on where she sees public relations heading. ‘What do you love most about your job?’ This is a question I’m often asked, and, if I’m being truly honest, it’s that no two days are the same – however much of […]

Everyone wants a piece of the action: Q1 M&A in PR

By James Kesner, Director, Results International When we analysed PR M&A activity for 2015, we found a sector looking very strong – the third most active in all of marcoms globally. But this trend hasn’t just continued into 2016, it’s soared: there were 20 M&A deals in the global PR sector in Q1 2016, a […]

HM The Queen – 10 Lessons in Leadership

To mark Queen Elizabeth’s 90th birthday, Nottingham businesswoman Louise Third MBE, suggests that our businesses would flourish if we adopt just a few of Her Majesty’s leadership qualities. The Queen is a quite remarkable leader, and I decided to try to find out why. My shelves are packed with business and management books that get nowhere […]

Growth is good, but don’t let it be all that defines your business

By Sian Gaskell, Managing Director, CubanEight. Almost seven years ago to the day CubanEight opened its doors for business and since day one we have naturally been focused on growth – however what has been interesting as we have grown in size and revenue levels is how we have managed and measured that growth.   In […]

A community of practice for Scottish lobbyists

by Grant Thoms, Head of Strategy & Policy at Ingeus.  Ever since QMU (Jacquie L’Etang, Mandy Powell and Magda Pieczka in particular) were commissioned by CIPR to undertake research investigating the professional development needs of senior practitioners, the concept of a community of practice within public relations, and more specifically public affairs, has been rumbling around […]