Lessons for Public Relations from the Festival of Marketing

It’s very rare that you get to spend a couple of days outside the office, yet on Wednesday and Thursday this week, I got the opportunity to think about the bigger picture at the Festival of Marketing. Billed as an event to discover, shape, and celebrate the future of marketing, there were over 200 speakers sharing […]

Crisis response and the long road to recovery for Volkswagen

Advancement through technology can only get you so far – and for Volkswagen the last seven days has seen their ubiquitous brand identity and reputation shredded to pieces as a result of, ironically, “a sophisticated software algorithm.” The revelation that dozens of cars in the Volkswagen family have been fitted with a system that deliberately […]

Don’t fall foul of new ASA rules for ‘vloggers’

Transparency and authenticity is not just a vital asset for brands jumping into the vlogosphere, it’s critical for vloggers too – and a new guide from the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) helps everyone be upfront and clear with their fans, followers and advocates. The new guidance (available here) comes in response to calls for greater clarity […]

Top 10 takeaways from the new UK Govt Comms Plan

The Government Communications Service (GCS) has set out its communications plan for the year ahead, revealing the four themes that communicators across the Civil Service must get across in their work. Launched today, the fourth annual Government Communications Plan has the Government’s One Nation narrative at its heart, and as part of the plan, communicators are […]

How to get on in communications: Be nice – Part 1

This is an extract from a post that first appeared on the Zude PR website. The original was a whopping 9,000 words and was in danger of crashing The Conversation’s system, So we’ve split it into five posts. In this, the 1st extract, David Sawyer FCIPR, head of Zude PR, sets the scene/recounts the views […]

How do your infographics stack up?

I’ve had the pleasure of recently working with a fantastic group of experts on the #PRstack ebook project. Led by Stephen Waddington, the 91-page book developed as a crowdsourced project to tackle modern public relations workflow, and features sections on ‘Social listening and planning ‘, ‘Curation’, ‘Building relationships online’, and ‘Project management and measurement’, and I contributed […]

Frontline communicators

Amanda Coleman, Head of Corporate Communications for Greater Manchester Police and Chair of the Association of Police Communicators (APComm) responds to recent criticism of investment in police communications, calling for public sector public relations professionals to raise their profiles, and be more confident about demonstrating their value for money. In challenging financial times everything that happens […]

7 Twitter Lists to Laugh, Cry and Loathe Your Way through Election Night

Whether or not you’re in the ‘boring, boring, election’ camp, and whatever colour of the rainbow you choose today at the ballot box, there is no doubt that the next 48 hours – and coming weeks – has the potential to be one of the most defining in the political history of this United Kingdom. […]

Six opportunities for public relations in 2015

Yesterday we published #PR2015, a collaborative piece of work looking into the trends and issues affecting the business of PR in 2015, from the perspective of 23 of our regional, national & sector groups. There are many common themes: content marketing, media change, integration with other areas of the organisation, the blurring of internal and […]

Media relations like it’s 1999

Media relations is the bread and butter of public relations. 70% respondents in the 2014 #StateOfPR survey said they spent most of their time on it, and whilst it isn’t the be all and end all of PR, dealing with journalists remains an important skill. And media relations has recently been in the news itself […]