A decade of promises and good intentions

In August 2016, I wrote a blog looking forward to 2020. Several media bodies had begun diversity reviews and initiatives with the initial results of those programmes to be announced in that year. The likes of the BBC and Channel 4 had looked in the mirror and came up with a series of recommendations to […]

Where have all the ‘grey hairs’ gone?

It was interesting to hear Katie Perrior’s views of her time as No10 Comms Director. But the thing which caught my ear was her critique of the make-up of the Prime Minister’s inner circle. Perrior told the BBC: “Being in the Home Office for such a long time, with that being her top team, she […]

Diversity 2.0: In The Year 2020

This month sees the annual PRSA Diversity Month. A concerted nationwide campaign to inform the PR profession in the US of the issues and the progress on the subject of Diversity in PR. A pursuit that I thought everyone would supportive. But last year while working for the Diversity Working Group, I heard a phrase […]

Should we add Customer Relations to the PR family?

Dealing with Customer Relations is not as easy or as satisfying as it should be. You can either be met with great service and have your issue resolved to your satisfaction or it can be akin to Hercules cleaning out the Augean stables; the more you are drawn in, the more horrible the experience. Unfortunately, […]

Global Body Of Knowledge – An important but Herculean task

Ten months ago I published a blog about a project to develop an internationally recognised competency framework for the PR profession. The ‘Global Body Of Knowledge’, is an attempt to have one set of standards and a pool of learning to help steer the world’s PR practitioners throughout the career and to establish PR on […]

Going solo …

I have decided to become an independent practitioner. That is a sentence that is loaded with much expectation and meaning especially as it was not an easy decision for me to take. I started in PR back in 1990, because pay in local journalism was poor. I thought a (temporary) move to the Met Police’s […]

Of small steps and giant leaps – Moving towards a Global Competency Framework

When you tell co-workers that you are a Public Relations professional, what are you actually saying about yourself? That you subscribe to the tenets that make up a profession such as being ethical, have a certain standard of training and adhere to professional standards of practice? That you are an experienced practitioner, who provides strategic […]

The Irritation Game

February saw reports from the CIPR and the PRCA that held a mirror to the current state of PR and those who practice it and declared that both were not in the best of health. PRCA’s report looked into the issue of mental illness within the PR industry (a third of practitioners at some time have had […]