Three ways to re-purpose your content and grow your public sector LinkedIn page

Connor McLoughlin, Wokingham Borough Council. LinkedIn? Shouldn’t we give control to HR? That’s where people go to find a new job right?’  Sure, it can be used for recruitment, it’s where people go to talk about work after all. But LinkedIn is a legitimate news feed. And it’s one where we can adjust our messages to […]

PENGUINS, DOGS AND PODCASTS: Escapism for self-isolationers and frazzled comms people

‘He’s an escapist’, the writer Nathaniel West once wrote, ‘he wants to cultivate his interior garden.’ What is striking is that everyone has a tolerance for coronavirus news and especially if you’re in the public sector communicating it. At times, a 24-hour flow of information can intoxicate. If only, you think, if I keep reading […]

ONLINE LESSON: What the Jared O’Mara Twitter rant can teach you

This week you may have come across the Twitter rant unleashed by the employee of an MP. Gareth Arnold took the unusual step of handing his notice in by posting thread of tweets from the account of Jared O’Mara MP he had access to. It was oddly polarising. It was greeted as a glorious ‘f*** […]