#NHSSM #HWBlearn can you help shape some key social media guidelines?

You may not know this but there’s a corner of local government that’s has a major say in decisions that will affect how your family is treated when they are not well. They’re called health and wellbeing boards and while they meet at Town Halls they cover the intersection between GPs, local authorities and patients […]

CHART POST: My top 10 at being in the top 10

Ladies and gentlemen, I’ve made the charts new in at number four. An unexpected email dropped the other day from the nice people at Cision. They’ve rated this blog as 4th in their list of UK PR blogs. I haven’t a clue what metrics they’ve used but I suspect pictures of cake have played a […]

CHANGE THE MODEL: 10 predictions for local government communications in 2014

“I’d rather not predict,” US Democratic strategist James Carville once said, “I’d rather affect.” Seeing as the only thing I’m affecting between Christmas and New Year is a large cake tin and a box of celebrations I’ll be ignoring the man who helped put Clinton in the White House. But first here’s a few things […]

LOVE THESE: 13 Inspiring Links from 2013

For a good long while now I’ve strongly felt that if you stop learning you stop growing and with the pace of change learning has never been more important. The ideas that fire me are not from one organisation or institution. They come like refreshing drinks from the firehose of the internet that shares and […]

FOR UNDER 24s: Create Content Without Boundaries

Sometimes you stumble on something that catches your imagination and fills in some of the blanks. That happened listening to Millie Riley a broadcast assistant who was talking on BBC Radio 5’s Review of 2013. She was talking about how under 24-year-olds consume their radio and how their radio is online, face-to-face, shared… and on […]

DIGITAL STEP: Can we use the web to solve the big problems now?

So, if the high water mark of social media in local government is tweeting gritting call-outs we’ll have failed. Sure, getting those messages out represents a big step to what went on before but the achievement as I’ve said before shouldn’t stop at that. I’ve pondered for a while what the next steps may be […]

POST RELEASE: Life After the Press Release Dies

It’s seven years since the ground-breaking post ‘Die! Press Release! Die! Die!’ was written. Tom Foremski’s this-can’t-go-on wail reads as powerfully as a Martin Luther deconstruction of one of the central pillars of the public relations industry. “I’ve been telling the PR industry for some time now that things cannot go along as they are,” […]

RUSSIAN SOCIAL: 18 things from a digital debate with the Russian Ambassador

At @russianembassy waiting for start of #digitalbbq on how the internet influences political decision making #rukonf pic.twitter.com/9UyHem5PCH — Dan Slee (@danslee) November 25, 2013 So, what’s to share from a trip to the Russian Ambassador’s residence in London for a discussion on how the internet shapes political decision? Actually, quite a lot and not just […]

HOUR DAY: How #walsalltownstories will try to tell a tale

I love Twitter. I really do. But sometimes you need more than 140 characters to try and tell a story. That’s why with the Walsall Town Stories event we will try and use it to give an idea of the people who work in the town centre. Twenty people whose jobs are often celebrated will […]