How newspapers are re-inventing themselves for a chance of survival

As a keen junior newspaper reporter, I was once told the key to writing features was to put the best quote in the intro. So, John Lennon’s ‘Beatles are bigger than Jesus’ should always shout from the first paragraph to reel the reader in. I was reminded of this gem listening to Marc Reeves, editor-in-chief […]

Why Poppy Day is a good day to learn how to bust a myth

There’s a great line about lies being half way round the world before the truth has got its pants on. It’s actually something that cuts to the very heart of public sector communications. We should be constantly challenging myths and half-truths when they happen before they take root as the Winterval myth has done. A […]

SHODDY NEWS: How to complain about bad journalism 2.0

  Just lately, more than a few people have been complaining about journalists just recently. It’s not critical stories that truly bother people, it’s not giving a fair crack of the whip. As a former journalist, I get the Press needs to hold the organisation to account. As a former press officer, I also get […]

LISTED: The 55 skills a comms team needs in 2017

The best day to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best day is today. It’s the same for you and your team. The skills you need to communicate have been changing. A few years back I blogged a list of skills that every team needed. This started as a list of 40 […]

Video times: Updated optimum video lengths for social media

There is nothing that is quite as good as showing you the fractured landscape than video. Time was when there was one home for video and that was on YouTube. You filmed it, posted it to YouTube and then pasted the URL all over the web but no longer. How different optimum video length was […]