HOUSE CALL: I’ll tell you what’s facing housing comms

There is something still glorious about asking Twitter a question and then watching, like pigeons returning to the coop, as answers return. The question was the challenges that face housing communications. Twitter, what are the three biggest issues facing the social housing sector today? Asking for a friend. Thanks. — Dan Slee (@danslee) August 31, […]

‘We are not in a 24/7 news cycle. We are in a 360-degree, 3D news cycle.’

“I love newspapers,” legendary Sunday Times editor Harold Evans once said, “But I’m intoxicated by the power and possibility of the internet.” I get that. It’s hard not to be a participant or a watcher in the media landscape in 2016 without being fascinated at how fast it evolves. There was an excellent interview by […]

Ofcom communications market report: A pile of things every comms person needs to know

Here’s a thing. Everybody apart from maybe your Gran should know what’s in the Ofcom Communications Market Report. Everybody who is interested in communicating as part of their jobs should know it. Press officers, comms people, social media mavens, marketing people and internal comms too. You all should know it. Why? Because quite simply, this […]

SOMME ECHO: It’s simple… as #wearehere shows, just be human

I’m writing this on the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme. Just a week before the UK voted to leave the European Union. Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to stay. A majority in England and Wales wanted to go. Division, spite and rancour is in the air. Yet, for all sides, the First […]

10 places to distribute your video to make it a success

You’ve made a cracking video but you’re really not sure what to do next. So what do you do? For the past 12-months I’ve looked, made, researched and co-delivered workshops on essential video skills for comms. As a comms person I’m convinced that video has a powerful role in creating engaging content. As I’ve said […]

Trapdoor: What Aston Villa’s demise teaches comms and PR people

Sometimes it’s tempting to say that better PR can make up for anything… but that’s just a big fat lie. Take Aston Villa Football Club. They’re a team that has just been relegated from the top flight of English football with four games of the season left. This was the football equivalent of the Charge […]

What lesson does the decline of print journalism have for comms and PR?

You know the good old days of newspapers have gone, don’t you? You know that the press release is at best dying too? If you don’t, here are three more nails for the coffin. Firstly, the digital first Manchester Evening News have been telling PR people, apparently, they won’t look at what you send unless […]

140 CHANGE: Twitter may change but who cares? you still need to embrace chaos

Twitter is not the last word in digital communications and maybe it’s about time you remembered that. There’s been a lot written just lately about how Twitter is changing. If you’ve missed it, the way you are presented with tweets is going to change. Gone will go the timeline of most recent first. In comes […]