We Need to Reboot Twitter Events

I’ve been thinking for a while that 24-hour Twitter events have driven up a bit of a cul-de-sac. You know the sort of thing. An organisation tweets what it is doing for 24-hours and shines a light on unsung heroes. You learn things you didn’t know and then the timeline moves on. Back in 2011, […]

FUTURE PROOF: 40 skills you’ll need in your 2020 comms team today

So what occupies the mind of the most successful Olympic coach Britain has ever had? You’ll find the answer surprising. It’s not next week, the next Tour de France or who will be in the squad for Rio that occupies cycling’s Dave Brailsford. It’s what his best team will be in five years time. “I […]

F*CKING ADVICE: Me and Jony Ive

Here’s one for the Apple fan boys… I went to school with the man who designed the iphone, the ipad and a range of iconic products. Not only that but I also followed in Jonny Ive’s footsteps and went to the same University too. Of course, when I say I went to school with, what I really […]

PRO TIPS: Chuck Norris and Pre-Election Survival Tips for Comms People

Every year the swallows who nest in the eves of our house head off back on a flight that lasts thousands of miles. Nobody tells them to do it, but off they head travelling 200 miles a day with just the urge to head south. Swallows, ladies and gentlemen, are rather like politicians. At some […]

NEWS LINE: What I Learned on the Guardian Public Leaders Editorial Board

It was probably the most fascinating, fun and untaxing job I’ve got on my LinkedIn profile. The request to serve on it came out of the blue. A phone call asking if I’d like to. I would? That’s great the story was going online later that morning. As a former journalist who cares passionately about […]

A CHALLENGE: ‘Die! PR! Die! Die! Die’

Fueled by a bottle of red wine a frustrated journalist and blogger wrote a bold post in 2006 called ‘Die! Press Release! Die! Die! Die!’ that took an axe to one of the standard tools in the PR toolbox. Now taught in colleges the Tom Foremski post was a battle charge against the Linus blanket […]

CAMPAIGN JUSTICE: What Journalism 2.0 Looks Like and What You Can Learn

It was around 2010 and as depressing conversations with a reporter go this one took quite some beating. I was in local government communications and we had started to post gritting updates in real time on Twitter. We were talking with our residents directly without going through the Priesthood of journalists. “The thing is,” the reporter […]