Making change work at a local level

Last week’s news that Honda is to cut 300 jobs at its car plant in Swindon got me thinking. Over recent years the manufacturing industry has been awash with a plethora of restructuring, cost saving and efficiency programmes all designed to streamline organisations ready for a sustained return to growth. And whilst those at Honda’s […]

How to get line managers to love the manager toolkit

There’s a common exclamation we often hear from our fellow internal communicators whenever the subject of line manager communication rears its head; “I’ve crafted this beautiful manager toolkit with great content to help my leaders communicate our latest change programme to staff – but none of them ever use it!” It’s a bit like that […]

Where is the best place for the IC function to live?

It’s a common point of discussion among internal communication practitioners.  Where exactly is the ideal place for the IC function to sit?  Is it as part of the HR or Marketing teams? Or as a direct confidante of the CEO? The consensus of most research is that a third of all IC teams sit in […]