Safe is Too Risky

After nearly every talk I deliver I get questions and pushback about the idea of real-time communications. Sometimes it’s in the post-speech Q&A and other times people approach me privately. What they say is very similar and more or less goes like this: “It’s very risky to communicate in real-time because in your haste you […]

Hyundai Sends a Message to Space

Rich Jurek, my co-author on Marketing the Moon, sends us to this awesome video from Hyundai. Stephanie from Houston misses her astronaut father working at the International Space Station. So she and Hyundai cooked up a fantastic message created using 11 Hyundai Genesis cars to share with her father in space. This message was officially […]

B2B does not mean Be Too Boring

Most business-to-business marketing is dreadfully boring. Why is that? I think marketers get hung up on that “business” word and forget that they should be communicating to people. But it doesn’t have to be that way! Here are a few things you can do to take the boring out of B2B: Always remember that you […]

How to deal with resistance from your bosses

I frequently get emails from people who tell me that the new ways of marketing and selling are not appreciated at their company. For example, I recently received this: “What’s a salesperson to do if they see the benefits of embracing social but are unable to get support from those above them?” Or people come up […]

When Venture Capitalists Are Worth Much More Than Their Money

In the VC world, there are people who are forward thinking, providing valuable advice to the management teams of portfolio companies. These are the VCs that you want to be associated with your start up. And then there are VCs who are living the past who who therefore deliver terrible advice. If you’re looking for […]