We need more than PR

PR in and of itself will never ever be enough for us, its practitioners, to shine and be recognised for the value that we bring. Why? Because to properly promote, build, and protect an image, a reputation, a product, an initiative, or a process we need to understand not just all of these but, most […]

Crises and change: Corporate Comms in Oil and Gas

Working in the Corporate Communication function of an oil and gas operator is like walking through a mine field 24/7. For all the safeguards and regimented training, one always needs to be prepared for the possibility of facing a serious incident involving loss of life and environmental damage. No other day is like the one […]

We Speak – But Have We Forgotten How to Communicate?

“If you speak loud enough, someone will hear you. But unless you say it clearly enough, no one will listen.” About 15 years ago, I overheard a discussion between a couple seated at a table next to mine in a London restaurant. From the way they spoke and looked, they were both well off, good […]

Is a PR Strategy a Tougher Sell to Clients than PR Tactics Are?

‘Why are PR clients needing help with the tactical rather than the strategic? Is this a tough sell?’ A former journalist who now has her own PR agency asked me this question the other day. I promised I’d answer her question in a blog post. It’s not a tough sell at all – but you […]

Why Do Journalists Get the Highest Profile Jobs in PR and Comms?

Because they are credible, recognised, trustworthy and write good copy (or speak very well). They get most of the best jobs out there because, also, they are unlikely to be called “spinners”. Moreover, their future employers easily assume that former journalists can save them if they need public/media “saving”. Many of my friends and colleagues […]

Reputational risk, the NHS and Amazon’s Alexa

Did NHS satisfy itself that Amazon’s Alexa has all the possible systems in place to guarantee ‘a safe space’ for those seeking medical advice from the NHS? That is a very simple question yet the most important one, I could argue, that NHS’ recent announcement mentioned nothing about. And it should have. What was supposed to be a […]

Should We Ditch ‘PR’ or Should We ‘Clean House’?

Spin, lies, manipulation and propaganda – ‘bending the truth’ and ‘deceiving the public’. In short, these are the key findings of the latest research commissioned by PRWeek on the perception of PR among members of the British public. And if this is the perception of a small segment of the British public in a country where there […]

When PR Threatens Reputations Instead of Protecting Them

“You have loads of idiots representing your industry and they make others look bad.” Succinctly put and sadly true of Public Relations. This is what a journalist friend said after sharing with me the last bad press release he received earlier yesterday (1st of May 2019) from a PR agency. He shared that entire ‘media pitch’ […]

Forget About Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is about integrating environmental and social affairs with corporate strategies and business operations in the communities or sectors in which organisations operate – a sort of ethical ‘pay to play’. Many abused the term and even more believe that by having, pretty much, a ‘charitable’ department, nothing else matters. Well, it […]

The Importance of an Action Plan in Strategic Communication and Change Management

Every single thing we do in our jobs requires acceptance/approval, collaboration and negotiation. Starting with something as simple as writing a press release and getting it approved (by the way, how many times have you been asked “why do we include this here?”) and ending with a significant organisational restructure/change, one in which you have […]