Ethics in a cross-cultural context: A PR Q&A

Yadi Cao, a Newcastle student from China, and I were put together following a Twitter exchange with Jenni Field, CIPR’s President. Yadi is writing a dissertation and was looking for some input on ethics and PR. As I had chaired the CIPR’s Professional Practices Committee for several years and occasionally give guest lectures on ethics, it […]

Public Relations post-COVID-19: Comms comes of age

An American psychologist recently claimed that at times of crisis people claim that nothing will ever be the same but that in the end little changes. So has globalisation bitten the dust? Will there be a new normal? The whole world has at last realised how vital good communication is. Public awareness and understanding have […]

How is Coronavirus influencing the communications industry?

Rarely has the comms world seen an issue such as this global pandemic, coronavirus, which cuts across all geographical borders regardless of cultures and language. Yet reactions in different countries have been very varied. From Wuhan and Italy, which cordoned themselves off, to America which has banned visitors from selected Shengen countries, to the UK […]

Ethical Snakes and Ladders

Eva Maclaine, chair of Professional Practices Committee and CIPR Council Member, interviews Carmen Spinoza, as part of #EthicsFest. As I am going to the Greater London Group’s event on 27 October to play an ethical version of Snakes and Ladders with other GLGers, I thought I would track down Carmen Spinoza, the heroine of the […]

Hungary focuses on ethics

I was invited by my CIPR International committee colleague, Andras Sztaniszlav, to speak at the Hungarian PR Association’s annual PR Akademie. Last year its President Zsofi Lakatos and I signed an agreement between the two associations for closer collaboration. This year the association’s focus at the PR Akademie was on ethics and, as chair of […]