Can you beat an algorithm?

For several weeks now, I have been blocked by Instagram. I can post images, but I cannot add a caption. Nor can I comment on any other person’s post. Plus I cannot “like” any photos I see. According to Instagram, I am a “potential spammer”, and therefore my account permissions have been reduced until I […]

Google’s AI for Gmail is stupidity not intelligence

Google is in the midst of giving Gmail a revamp. The world’s most popular email system hasn’t had a facelift in over a decade and, frankly, was looking rather tired and out-of-date. There has been much criticism about the redesign. It has annoyed many die-hard fans of Gmail who have become used to the system […]

It’s not fake news you should worry about, but fake people

Fake people are everywhere online. It’s not fake news that’s the issue, but the widespread use of false identities. Facebook, for instance, admitted at the end of 2017 that around 12% of its users were false or cloned accounts. However, by the start of this year, the problem had worsened and the company had to […]

Are you annoyed by adverts for things you have just bought?

Advertising that works is exciting, stimulating and makes you desire something. It is not the kind of thing that makes you go ‘will you go away, I’ve already got it’. However, that’s precisely what much of the online advertising is doing these days. You search for something, buy it, and then for the next two […]

Will you follow Wetherspoon? Not any more – you can’t

British pub chain calls time on social media The pub chain, Wetherspoon, suddenly announced this morning that it was closing down all of its social media accounts. The company ceased all social media activity immediately citing bad publicity surrounding social media as its motive. During the day, the pub chain’s share price rose by almost […]

Mobile is not as important as we think

With Black Friday and CyberMonday upon us and the start of the Christmas shopping season, it’s no wonder there are all sorts of articles about how to use the Internet to sell more. Much of that information is focusing on the power of the smartphone. Indeed, one study has shown that mobile-driven purchasing is now behind […]

What do business people want? Detail, not pictures

The devil is in the detail, so goes the age-old saying. It suggests that there is some hidden catch, or a potential problem if you do not read all the information presented. It would appear that business people spend much of their time with this idiom in the back of their mind. They concentrate on […]

Are marketers going down the wrong road?

Each day you are bombarded with marketing messages. Before the arrival of the Internet, it used to be held true in the marketing world that an individual needed to see a message seven times before they reacted. That’s why coordinated marketing campaigns were produced so that people could see a marketing message in several different […]