Delete and trash needs to be good public relations

Have you ever stopped to count the number of enewsletters or other emails you get from organisations? Or consider their value as PR communications? Have you ever checked the process of how they are sent – and why – within your organisation? Are they part of your PR communications audit – and do you evaluate […]

Election ennui – is PR to blame for boring campaign?

I have a confession to make, finding the motivation to walk the two minutes from my house to vote in the UK General Election this Thursday may be a struggle. My sentiments are summed up by Brian Wheeler, the BBC’s political reporter who asks: Is this campaign duller than usual? His critique is that this […]

A sinister perspective of diversity in public relations

I belong to a sinister minority group – I’m left-handed. We make up around one in ten of the world’s population, although apparently, about a third of people are cross-dominant, or ambilateral, favouring different hands for various tasks. I have no idea of the number of PR practitioners who may be left-handed as it isn’t […]

In praise of the amateur in PR

I tend to refer to public relations as an occupation or practice rather than as a profession (although sometimes I use the termpublic relations professionals as well as practitioners). Bill Sledzik’s 2010 post Is PR really a profession? sums a lot of my thinking. In 1969, Goode reported the “industrial society is a professionalizing one”, with sociologist […]

Be careful what you wish for in your new year PR resolutions

A great British tradition at this time of year is the pantomime, a popular form of theatre that tells (and retells each year) a range of family-friendly stories. These tall tales normally include a wish (or three in the case of Aladdin), ensuring villains and bad luck are overcome and a ‘happily ever after’ as the […]

Black Friday and the PR blues

As  ‘awareness’ campaigns go, Black Friday was an undeniable hit in the UK last week. It has been bubbling under for a few years with Amazon cited as starting it here in 2010, the Mirror reporting £200 million spending taking place in 2012, followed by media focus on customers fighting over bargains in Asda supermarket in 2013 – and Visa […]

Can you help in my search for PR career stories?

Can you help? I’m searching for 20 research participants for my PhD who meet the following criteria: 10-20 years’ career experience in public relations UK based (although may have international responsibilities or travel outside the UK for work) Not well known to me – to avoid any possible complications arising from existing personal or professional […]