Loving or loathing LinkedIn

I’m in two minds about LinkedIn both personally and professionally. In some ways it is the most irritating of social media networks, but also it can be highly useful. I tend to feel LinkedIn (the topic of my second January post reflecting on Social Media) doesn’t really know what it is any more and is …

What I learned about PR and blogging in 2013

Before 2014 kicks into gear and accelerates away, I thought I’d take a look in the rearview mirror at 2013 and present six things that I learned last year about PR and blogging. Blogging isn’t dead As Stuart Bruce writes, blogging still matters for public relations. In the 12 Days before Christmas, I decided to …

Christmas PR advice – follow that star

As PR practitioners, we’ve all probably got ambitions or thoughts about the direction we wish to travel in our futures. However, we might not have set specific goals. The Star of Bethlehem was the goal that inspired the three wise men (magi) seeking the new born Jesus in the traditional nativity story and this inspires …

Why the digital Christmas card is not good PR

When I began researching the origins of careers in public relations, I came across Sir Henry Cole, who I argued in my 2010 presentation at the International History of PR conference (subsequently adapted for publication in Public Relations Review), should … Continue reading →

Popular culture, Christmas and PR

Popular culture is a key part of Christmas and talking with a friend yesterday, we shared a love of classic Christmas movies, and spoke about the number of new seasonal themed CDs that have been released this year. So this … Continue reading →

The importance of kindness and goodwill for PR practitioners

The focus of #7 in my 12 Days of Christmas series of posts looks at kindness and goodwill. Within the professionalisation agenda of public relations has been a focus on being more businesslike with PR activities directed to achieving organisational … Continue reading →

Knowns and unknowns – the story of Dougal

This doesn’t feel much like a Christmas post, but I suppose its sentiment is the heart of this time of year. This is the story of Dougal – my 18-ish year old dog. He is now a sad shadow of … Continue reading →

Managing expectations – Christmas lesson for PR

What are you expecting from Christmas? Peace on Earth? Goodwill to all men (and women)? A White Christmas, with snow that is deep and crisp and even? Santa dropping all the presents you wish for down the chimney? Love at … Continue reading →