Don’t be a Target: Protecting your social media brand

Social media is everywhere. Whether it’s sharing our favorite photos on Instagram, or updating our family with a timely Facebook post, more that 60% of US adults engage with social media at least once a week. For a small business or organization, failing to lock down the rights to the name for your social groups […]

5 Tips for Building A Brand with Integrity

Can you imagine a world where a product actually worked as advertised?  How many times have you started using a new product, only to discover that the product isn’t up for the challenge?  I have purchased countless programs that promised big things and almost always left me saying, “Why doesn’t this work, this isn’t what […]

International Startups in the Hyper-connected 21st Century

Want to know the weirdest part about starting a company overseas? I didn’t live there! There’s an increasingly large segment of the population that is conducting its entire business online. A great website that’s interactive and fun? Check. A mailing address to a well respected office space in a major city? Check. A strong team […]

Investments in Digital Tech Rebounding

To many watching Wall Street, it may have seemed that investment in the technology companies bringing us our digital world were in freefall. After all, with the crazy multiples that entrepreneurs in the golden tech regions demand, it’s understandable that investors get skittish after an initial public offering (IPO); especially as Wall Street enters what […]

5 Reasons Your Online Marketing Isn’t Converting

For companies with a website, there’s nothing more frustrating than a website that doesn’t convert. You spend the time and resources on building a site that’s interactive and fun. Your design guru tells you that the color pallet perfectly matches the message and gives the vibe that your company needs to convey. Your content developer […]

Unified Communication Platforms for PC, Tablet, iPhone and Android

  If there’s one word that will sum up the millennial generation, it’s “connected”. We are constantly looking at our phones, tablets and computers, trying to stay up-to-date and connected with the world around us. While some will argue this digital connectivity comes at the expense of real-world connections, it’s clear that the trend towards […]

5 Ways Project Managers Can Improve Their Writing Skills

As a project manager, you have to maintain constant communication with the team members. Sometimes you write individual email messages, but you also have to address them as a group when you coordinate the activities. In addition, you have to inform the boss/client about the progress the team makes with the project, so providing detailed […]