Money cant buy you love .. and shouldnt buy you coverage

Most of us are attracted to news media that align with our own world view.  We know our newspapers’ political slant and so read them through that filter.  However, regardless of political affiliation, we expect the fourth estate to be free from commercial influence. It’s why newspaper coverage remains such an important part of the […]

The ethics & impact of wearable tech for PR

Last night, the Chartered Institute for Public Relations (CIPR)  held a debate in the UK’s House of Commons on the ethics and impact of wearable technology for the PR profession.  Technologists and future thinkers Stephen Davis and Neville Hobson proposed the motion that Wearable Technology is an ethical nightmare for the communications, marketing and PR professions while CIPR President Stephen Waddington and Firefly’s Claire Walker and […]

John Lewis Partnership UK’s best reputation

The high street leads the way in UK’s best corporate reputations The UK’s leading most well regarded corporate reputations were unveiled in London this week as the results of Reputation Institute’s RepTrak Pulse study were announced at the IoD. It may be no surprise that the British public placed high street favourite John Lewis Partnership in the top […]

Corporate Reporting is Changing … and so is your job

There’s no doubt that the world of corporate reporting is changing.  The IIRC (International Integrated reporting Council) is promoting new global standards with the like of PepsiCo and HSBC piloting its model and in the UK, companies are already responding to the requirements of the new Companies Act 2006 (Strategic Report and Directors’ Report) Regulations 2013.  These […]

Experience at the heart of Government Comms

Most organisations would jump at the chance of  having a team member ‘on the inside’ at the heart of government.  To be able to place an employee in the Cabinet Office Comms team for 2-4 months would be a terrific opportunity for an employee and their employer.  Well this opportunity is just what the UK […]

(More) Time (and effort) Gentleman Please

In a challenging economic environment, when jobs are scarcer, teams are smaller and employees are expected to do more with fewer resources, organisations often depend on people giving ‘discretionary effort’ just to maintain business as usual.  This is broadly the level of effort people could give if they wanted to, but above and beyond the minimum […]

MOOCin’ Marvelous

MOOC stands for Massive Online Open Courses.  I’ve got a teeny bit evangelical about them in the last year.  My provider of choice is Coursera, where you can find free short courses in everything from nanotechnology and astrobiology to the history of rock.  The course providers include some of the world’s best known universities.  I’m […]

Supporting PR Week mentoring programme

My first time in an office was with my mother when I was a young girl.  She wasn’t a high flying executive and it wasn’t “Bring your daughter to work day”.  She was a cleaner in the local Clydesdale Bank and I would sometimes go with her in the evening when the logistics of five […]

If Top Trumps did Scientist Communicators

An appetite for popular science and the popularity of science fiction and entertainment go hand in hand.  In the late 1970s and early eighties, the Star Wars franchise was storming at the Box office and in our household Arthur C Clarke and the Tomorrow’s World team made early popular science enthusiasts out of (at least […]