Because working in communications isn’t just a job

Earlier this year I set up my own consultancy and I honestly don’t think I would have had the confidence to do so without first investing in my professional development. Since joining the CIPR in 2012, I’ve been a huge supporter of continuing professional development (CPD). CPD is more than a box ticking exercise – […]

Can business leaders make U-turns?

I live in a world where transparency, honesty and truth are the pillars of my profession. I spend time with leaders crafting messages to ensure they are clear, factual and honest and we discuss and debate the best way to deliver messages that are difficult. More so now than ever the conversations are linked to […]

The importance of authenticity

Last month at the big yak, we talked about leadership comms. This sparked so many thoughts and ideas and you can read my top takeaways here. What continues to play on my mind is the role of authenticity. We had a good discussion about the role of the leader and how leaders can sometimes struggle […]

The Big Yak the 3rd

2016 sees the IC Crowd turn 4 and the big yak turn 3. After a year off it was great to be back with over 120 communicators thrashing out the trends in our industry. With 30 sessions running throughout the day it was great to step away from the day job and take a deep […]

Align, drive or engage – can all three come together?

Everything I am reading about what 2016 will bring to internal communications is about employee engagement. And at a time when I’m putting pen to paper on my own communications strategy it got me thinking about what it does in my organisation – and I’m not sure employee engagement is on the list. Writing that […]

Are internal communications functions influencing technology?

I haven’t blogged for a while and it’s for a few reasons… I have done a few on LinkedIn to test out that platform – I quite liked it but I think i prefer my own space. I have just published a blog from September here I have a new role and was struggling with […]

Using communication to change behaviour for better business

In September I asked the question, on LinkedIn, what is internal communication? I gave you my top three and you took up the challenge to let me know what your top three were and if I missed anything. What really pleased me about the comments was how we all agreed that internal communication should link […]

Why internal communicators need a voice with CIPR

Next week the CIPR opens the elections for Council. As Chair of CIPR Inside I currently sit on the Council but things are changing and this now needs to be a position that is voted in. So I need your help, if you’re a CIPR member then please get voting – to help, here is […]

What makes a word real?

A while ago I came across this TED talk which helped give me a different perspective on my issue with some new words coming into the dictionary:   I do need to get past this I know. My main struggle is with acronyms becoming words and used in sentences but through further research, words I […]