I grew a successful career and business, with this brilliant idea!

My first boss gave me some brilliant advice, which I am going to share with you. It was something that initially helped me enjoy a hugely successful career. Then, the same advice allowed me to grow an amazing, international marketing business. I believe it can help you dramatically increase the success of your business too. […]

You won’t believe how useful this copywriting tip is!

Here’s a great copywriting tip, to help you improve the effectiveness of all your marketing messages. Words and feelings Professional copywriters understand the importance of selecting the correct words. We know that the words we use have the power to change how people feel and thus, the actions they take. A great example of this, […]

How to get what you want from your business

If you have been struggling to get the results you want from your business, this marketing tip could be just what you’re looking for. As you may have already discovered, the marketplace doesn’t really care about what you want. Your family cares. Your friends care. I care… however, the marketplace cares about what it wants […]

Are you making a noise or making a difference?

It’s easy to add to all the noise out there. Pester people with special offers via social networks. Invite people to your desperate sales video webinar. Retweet that guru who has already been retweeted thousands of times. Write predictable, “me too” blog posts. Agree with whatever the popular opinion of the day is. The thing […]

How to take your business from average to remarkable

Here’s the problem with average… average doesn’t motivate or inspire people to do anything. It looks like this: If you have an average meal at a restaurant, you still pay the bill, but you don’t bother recommending the place to your friends. That’s because we don’t recommend average food. If your accountant provides you with […]

Marketing 101: They have heard it all before

The thing about your prospective clients, is that they have heard it all before. They have wasted their time and money on services, which totally failed to deliver on the promises they were given. Then you come along, making promises about your business… and expect them to believe you. Going beyond generic The most successful […]

Chasing your dreams or running from your fears?

Some business owners are chasing their dreams. Others are running from their fears. The difference this creates in their results is huge. No, bigger than that! So, are you focusing on what you want or what you fear? One will empower you and lead you to opportunities and growth. The other will lead to pain […]