The most incredible article about headlines you’ll ever read!

Here are some ideas, which you can use to massively improve the results of all your written marketing. It’s all about the marketing power of headlines. Your headline has to capture the reader’s attention It doesn’t matter how great your message is, people need to read it in order for the message to have the desired impact. That’s where […]

Are you commanding attention or demanding attention?

There’s a big difference between commanding people’s attention and demanding people’s attention. Allow me to explain. Demanding attention Most small business marketing is based on demanding attention. Think about it: They send us emails we never asked for. They pester us on social networking sites. They call us in the office when we are busy. […]

How to stop stalling and do your best work

No, it doesn’t really matter what brand of computer you choose to work with. The same is true of the software you use. Leonardo da Vinci changed the world, writing with a quill. No, it doesn’t really matter how you plan what you write. Best-selling author John Boyne, like many, doesn’t plan at all. He […]

You probably need more critics. Yes. Really!

You can’t please everyone. And do you know what? You shouldn’t even try to. If you do, you will end up playing it safe… being predictable and being ignored. Ouch! That’s not a smart move for any business owner, who wants to grow a successful business. Why? Because it’s impossible to achieve any kind of […]

2 Things to remember about shortcuts to success

The Internet is packed with people offering tricks, to make your business super successful, super fast. It’s easy to see why. There are thousands of small business owners, worried that their business isn’t growing fast enough. To them, the promise of a shortcut or growth hack can be irresistible. When things seem too good to […]

Bloggers: How to be an overnight success

My wife’s blog has become an overnight success. Here’s how she did it. Sharon started her blog around 12 weeks ago. Her first post was read by over 2000 people. Thousands of people now read her work every week. Not bad, especially as it’s her first ever attempt at blogging. It’s worth mentioning that Sharon […]

How to keep people interested in your marketing

If your marketing is attracting fewer enquiries than you need, you may want to consider mixing things up a little. Here’s why. A marketing lesson from farming! 12 years ago, after a lifetime of living in cities, my wife and I bought our current home in the countryside. It’s surrounded by farm land. One of […]

Here’s something extra for your business

We already know where the bar is set, when it comes to delighting your clients and customers. Their experience of you needs to be so good that it leaves them thinking: “That was far better than I expected.” Get that right and they will come back for more. They’ll tell their friends too. The challenge […]

How to be successful without even trying

It’s an interesting fact that very few of the world’s most successful businesspeople, set out with money or success as their primary target. They aimed to be valuable. They aimed to make the world or the marketplace a better place. They aimed to make a difference. However, money or success was not their primary focus. […]

How to motivate people to buy from you or hire you

I have a plea for you today: If you want your marketing to work, stop trying to please everyone. The purpose of your marketing is to motivate just a small section of people. You need to inspire those who: Buy the type of products you sell. Buy the type of services you provide. That’s it. […]