Phone-based video editing: More bang for your buck

Video editing on your phone has never been easier – or more sophisticated. Two of my favourite on-phone editors have just had significant upgrades, potentially making life more cushty for all of us and, increasingly, rivalling the functionality of high-level desktop editing software. Starting out: iMovie iMovie for IOS is free from Apple and superbly […]

How long should my video be?

Duration is a fundamental consideration when planning a video for your organisation or client. But how long is good? The answer depends partly on what we think our audience wants. Sometimes that’s a vague instinct for ‘short and sweet’, involving a focused punchy set of messages or a crisp story tell. Traditional TV news stories […]

6 top tips for effective video interviews

When I catch up with my phone video course graduates one subject arises in conversation more than any other – how to get the best out of interviewees. Interviews are a vital component in any video – messaging or storytelling. What you don’t want is a nervous, hesitant speaker.  And what you really don’t want […]

What’s the best phone video editor for 2019?

User-created phone video is currently the biggest thing in media content generation.  And with network giant Cisco predicting over 80% of all web traffic will include video by 2020 the corporate drive to become video literate can only build exponentially. As that literacy gains traction, so expectations of what’s possible on phones are growing. Just […]

Seven ways to improve your phone video in 60 seconds – or 180 words

The smartphone makes capturing and editing video simple.  It’s a brilliant, affordable, easy-to-use tool. Here are seven top tips on how to avoid some common mistakes: Shoot with light on your subjects, not behind them. Short is sweet.  Social media video audiences slump after 90 seconds. Make every second count. Only use your very best […]

Video editing on your phone

The biggest advantage of making video on smartphones is portability.   If you shoot and edit on the same device you’ve got a complete video studio in your pocket or bag.  Create video anywhere: in the field, in a car, on the tube, in a plane.  No cumbersome cameras, editing computers or expensive software. You can […]

Phone video opens new horizons for charity

All charities relish a spot of publicity and fund raising, and Sue Ryder Leckhampton Court Hospice in Gloucestershire recently found itself with a gift of a subject. An 89-year-old supporter who was up for a wing walk on a vintage biplane! But the story of the octogenarian’s aerial adventure set a high bar for hospice […]

Why you should include video in your comms strategy

No, I’ll re-word that title. Why video should be CENTRAL to your communications thinking! Because video is increasingly at the centre of all communications, especially online. According to recent research, more consumers want to see videos from brands they support than all other sorts of media combined (HubSpot). The research also found that video content […]

GDPR and the movie maker

New strict data protection laws are due in this May.  What are the implications for the growing army of DIY video makers working in public relations and communications? You might be forgiven for thinking that videoing someone is as easy as pushing a camera or smartphone in their face and pressing Record. But it’s not […]

Seven reasons to embrace smartphone video

Check out this hi-def video produced by delegates from the NHS London North West Healthcare Trust after just a day’s training on one of my smartphone video courses. Looks great doesn’t it? Frankly, I’m still amazed this sort of result is possible after just one day’s training. The people who made this video are also […]