Reforming Government Communication… Again

A plan developed at the heart of the UK government to reform government communication – again – is raising a number of questions, with PR Week asking if the plan should be seen as a power grab, or as a means to rationalising management of government communication. As one of the plan’s architects and a […]

Pandemic lessons for crisis management

The Chartered Institute of Public Relations is currently revising its training material for online delivery and crisis management is one of the first topics to get this attention. This is a good opportunity to consider experience in managing response to the Covid-19 pandemic as an example of crisis management in action. The Covid-19 pandemic is […]

Managing Stress and Developing Resilience in PR Roles

An earlier post to Influence Online described how stress is a necessary part of role performance in public relations, but how excessive stress – role strain – impedes performance. Role problems – ambiguity, conflict, overload and underload – contribute to stress in public relations practice and in other occupations but can be managed. Roles – […]

Public relations: stress and resilience

Public relations is seen as, and is, a stressful occupation. In recent years, concerns have emerged about the mental health of people involved in public relations work. More has been found out about levels of stress in public relations work, and the resilience needed to cope with stress, through the CIPR’s recent State of the […]

Behavioural Insights: A Foundation for Professional Public Relations Practice

There’s no question that there is an aspiration for greater professionalism in public relations practice – given recent expression in the UK in an internal debate on strategy for the future development of the practice in the Chartered Institute of Public Relations. Realising the aspiration will depend on confident mining of a body of knowledge, […]

Public Relations Research: Thinking Outside the Box at BledCom

A public relations research conference is a good place to test some of the assumptions underlying practice. BledCom, an international public relations research symposium that has just finished its 26th annual meeting in Bled, Slovenia, stirred up controversy by questioning the practice’s interests in trust and reputation. Do these topics really merit the importance attached […]

The end of trust and the irrelevance of reputation?

We’ve gone backwards and forwards over the years trying to define public relations, but it’s essentially concerned with behaviour in relationships – and what we’re mainly interested in is behaviour around interests and objectives. In trying to define what we do we have been side-tracked into thinking that public relations should be focussed on building […]

Politics, incivility and public relations

Even by US standards, this has been a rough week in their national politics as mid-term elections approach next week.  Widely seen as a referendum on the Trump presidency, commentators hope the elections will re-establish checks in a political system that is increasingly dysfunctional. President Trump called – shortly after the arrest of a man […]