Crisis, what crisis?  Hopes for public relations at BledCom25

Ambitiously, the 25th annual BledCom conference set out to take on the problems of a world in crisis, and to find a role for public relations in dealing with these. The conference, concluded a few days ago, in Bled, Slovenia, has not shied away from examining central concerns in public relations practice.  Over the years, […]

Psychology and Influence: A communicator’s guide to personality profiling

There’s always been a close link between public relations and applied psychology. After all, in public relations, our interests lie in exerting influence, through communication, to bring about changes in relationships, perceptions, opinions, attitudes and behaviour. It will often be necessary to think about the characteristics of individuals, and how they make up groups of […]

Public Relations Takes on the World’s Problems at BledCom

It’s no bad idea to escape to the mountains to reflect on the world’s problems. World leaders have done this for years at the World Economic Forum’s meetings in Davos, Switzerland, and public relations leaders and researchers have, for 25 years now, decamped to Bled, Slovenia for an annual international public relations research symposium, BledCom. […]

Getting to grips with reality

As an evolving practice, public relations tries to anticipate and stay ahead of social, technological and other developments. In the next few years, we will be watching with interest developments in artificial intelligence (AI) virtual (VR) and augmented reality (AR). A March 29th graph from the World Economic Forum shows the expected growth in sales […]

The Rewards of Collaboration

Why does public relations practice continue to miss out on the solid rewards to be gained from a closer collaboration between practitioners and those involved in researching and studying the practice in universities and other research centres around the world – now a sizeable and active community? The question is prompted by conferences such as […]

The Science Beneath the Art of Public Relations

  As the Global Alliance for Public Relations and Communication Management looks again at the body of knowledge for public relations (, there remains a need for public relations practice to draw much more on insights already available from the work of social scientists. World-wide, momentum is building for the use of behavioural insights in […]

Public relations is not marketing

  Is it important for professional associations like the Chartered Institute of Public Relations and the Public Relations Consultants Association to be able to say what the relationship should be between public relations and marketing? The question is raised following an exchange with PRCA’s director general on PRCA’s web chat on 21 July: Jon White‏@DrJonWhite  Jul 21 […]