Focus management in uncertain times

By Gemma Storey, Focus management has been something that the Carrot team has practised for years now, but right now we’re all facing what could be months of uncertainty. How on earth do we continue to be focused and productive when the country’s on lockdown? We – and everyone around us – need to accept that […]

Creating achievable goals for 2020

There’s lots of advice out there about setting achievable goals, but there’s one thing that a lot of articles don’t cover. If you’re not in the right mindset, if you’re burned out, depressed, grieving, or just feeling low, the idea of setting and achieving goals can be… a bit alien. So, how do you set […]

Do you put your money where your values are?

Values. Go to almost any business website, and you’ll probably find a section dedicated to the company’s core values. They may be keywords like equality, diversity, authenticity and empathy. But these values can also explain what the brand is committed to, and why those commitments are important to the business and its people. Values aren’t […]

Why we need to manage our news consumption

By Gemma Storey, Reuters has found that 35% of British people deliberately avoid seeing, reading or hearing the news (with many citing a range of emotions over Brexit as the motivator behind their avoidance). Fifty-eight per cent of people surveyed said that they avoided the news because it had a negative effect on their mood, and […]

How will workplaces evolve in the next 5 to ten years?

By Gemma Storey, As businesses look for new ways to remain competitive, we’ll see more of them looking for ways to help employees become more efficient, healthy and focused. Employees won’t see flexibility as an optional extra anymore – they’re already starting to see it as a standard benefit. If your work’s great and you complete […]

Are paywalls the future of online news?

By Gemma Storey, When The Times introduced its paywall in 2010, it lost 66% of its internet readership. As of 2018, it had 255,000 digital subscribers. Should other media outlets follow suit? It seems like every other week a news site throws up a paywall around its previously free-to-view content. Of course, while it may feel […]

Communicating via AI: it’s creepy, right?

By Gemma Storey, Alright, look, I know that AI probably has a wondrous future. A future of assisting customers, helping copywriters do their best work and eventually gaining full sentience, taking over the world and killing us all, but it has a way to go yet. Over the past few months, AI has started to creep […]

The perils of the gamer backlash

By Gemma Storey, Gamers are a passionate bunch – one minute they love a game developer – the next they’re ripping them to shreds on Reddit, launching campaigns and starting a backlash. But why does this happen? Is it just a mixture of entitlement, social media anonymity and being angry at the world? Or is there […]

The power of everyday language

We all know how powerful language can be, with phrases like #metoo helping to unify entire social movements, but we sometimes forget how much impact we can have with the language we randomly choose to use as part of our day. I’ve seen two examples recently where a word, or a turn of phrase, has […]

Is AI a threat to PR copywriting?

Digital Download Live gave attendees a lot to consider, especially when it comes to how artificial intelligence will affect the PR industry. Some think that AI spells doom for us all, while others dismiss it as a realistic threat. The truth is somewhere in the middle. I still think that the creative aspect of writing […]