PRFest 2021 – looking to the future

Many years ago, I ran a CIPR Scotland conference when I was Group Chair, called Future PRoof. We wanted to look at the future and how we could work to identify (then) what we needed to do to be a sustainable industry and remain relevant as practitioners. Fast forward around 10 years, and we’re having […]

Risks To Reputation Need To Be Considered Before Issues Arise

As more restrictions have been placed on five different Scottish locations, I want to reinforce the need for proper and robust risk assessments to your business. Risk assessments do include health and safety, yes, but we need to be looking at risks such as economic, financial, operational and reputation as well. In terms of operationally, […]

Engagement in news is more than a press release

Following my theme of helping small businesses right now, I’ve seen a rise in people asking about how to write a press release. As per a previous post, you’ve got more of an opportunity to be in control of your own content. However, if you know of local journalists who are looking for local stories, or […]

Building virtual communities

Communities should form part of organisational culture but during a crisis like COVID-19 it’s more important than ever to be part of virtual communities and keep them engaged . Communities are now a large part of the stakeholder make-up and should be thought of as part of the foundations of the organisation. Conversations make communities thrive […]

Preparing for broadcast media interviews – the basics

You’ll need to know some basic things about preparing for broadcast media interviews if you’re not a PR person – perhaps a small business owner who has been approached by the media about something you’re working on. I’ve prepared clients for broadcast media interviews on the BBC, STV and Sky (to name a few) and I’ve personally had […]

The role of public relations in digital transformation

Recently I was speaking at/on a virtual conference, Insight Live, by Digital Leaders. Here’s my presentation which was aimed to help move on the conversation… The theme was digital transformation and of course I had an opinion about how the role of communication and public relations should be more integrated and a strategic part of […]

PR Strategy must be set before writing a tactical plan

Last night I was invited to lead a conversation about PR strategy for #PowerAndInfluence, a weekly tweet chat by Ella Minty. A number of points stood out for me last night after well over an hour of keyboard tapping. Here are some of the most important takeaways about PR strategy: # A PR strategy should […]

Become a Fellow and help lead our industry

CIPR Fellows and why they receive the honour: My story I’ve been a volunteer for the CIPR for over eight years in various roles ranging from Chair of the CIPR Scotland group through to more recently, Board Director and Council member. My drive was around helping the industry progress, changing the attitude of business towards what […]

PR professionals need to be braver to be remarkable

Be Remarkable is a campaign I started in November last year when I celebrated 10 years in business. Being remarkable is about believing in yourself. Over the last week, I’ve had conversations with various people about saying ‘no’ and with peers on my recent trip to London, about being the strategic advisor. We’re doing a lot […]

Preparing for Brexit – how public relations can help

This post is about the role public relations practitioners can and should play to help organisations understand how to prepare stakeholders and try to get the most from Brexit, whatever the outcome of the agreement. Our opportunity is through clear, strategic leadership and by demonstrating how we can manoeuvre the impact of Brexit. PR practitioners need to […]