Why PR practitioners need to learn a new language – code

If someone said to you they couldn’t write, you’d think that was a bit odd, given it’s what we do every day. What if I said that the language of tomorrow was code? Young children are learning it, in their bedrooms, off their own back and they are more technically able in the world, than most adults. […]

PR and coding: learning new skills from other disciplines

PR and coding: learning the basics Public Relations isn’t stagnant and it’s important practitioners continue to up-skill For a long time I’ve been talking about professional development and learning new skills out-with the traditional PR and communication skillset. Why? As PR continues to evolve, and as we push harder for public relations to be valued […]

TSB’s poor communication could cost the bottom line

TSB crisis communication TSB crisis demonstrates the needs for public relations to be integrated within all elements of the business After two days of down time, for a major system upgrade, Friday 6pm until Sunday 6pm, TSB crisis hit and it came under attack (yesterday, Tuesday, 24 April), as it still didn’t have the system up and […]

Public relations and artificial intelligence can work together

PR practitioners are scared of the term ‘artificial intelligence’ and it could cost them, being slow to modernise, up-skill and learn how to work WITH AI. If you don’t know your artificial intelligence from your STEM, don’t worry. An event I attended recently had me thinking about the links with public relations… How an event about STEM […]

How to make a business plan including PR and communications

Towards the end of a year, people tend to think ahead and are no doubt Googling ‘how to make a business plan’! Firstly, before we go into how to make a business plan, let’s look at what we need know to make a business plan. Here are 10 things you need to know and write […]

Crisis management and what to consider in your plan

I recently spoke at an event about how important a crisis management plan was and how a crisis comms plan should be part of the strategy. I wanted to write a post which would help advise how to write and inform a crisis management plan, integrating public relations and communications.Why? Well let’s say you don’t have a […]

Inspiring the next generation of PR practitioners

The next generation of PR practitioners are currently studying… not necessarily public relations. This post follows my first lecture, yesterday, to fourth year students at the University of the West of Scotland. Their course is Branding and Communications. I was approached a few months ago by the lecturer developing the fourth year course and her […]

Why having access to key financial information is essential to PR

PR as a strategic function is there to help business. It’s there to protect reputation, building relationships and effectively increase the bottom line through its work. If we don’t have access to key financial information and data, how are we supposed to really prove the value of our work? Financial information is essential to PR […]

Diversity in PR in Scotland

Diversity in PR is a big topic. It’s not just about gender. Two years ago, at #PRFest, I invited people to join a panel to discuss diversity in PR. I was disappointed with some of the conversation and I was also surprised by some comments from practitioners. At least it gave me a good picture […]

PR launch: 8 steps to launch success

A PR launch presents the opportunity to showcase your product or service and to reinforce why people should buy it. Customer experiences at launch matter 100%. Your PR launch is firstly about your consumer and secondly about your brand. Without the purchaser, you wouldn’t be in business. Here are 8 steps we’d go through to […]