Crowdsourcing content for events and conferences

When you’re organising an event for a large group of people, you’ve got to expect varied interests, areas of expertise and skills. Sometimes people attend events and conferences with specific aims in mind, which is great, as you’re likely to get more out of it. Sometimes though, people don’t necessarily know, what they need to […]

Engaging volunteers is key to organisational success

Last April at a CIPR Council meeting, I was given approval to progress with research amongst the 300 volunteers who work year-round to assist the CIPR in its purpose and objectives, to advance professionalism in public relations by making its members accountable to their employers and the public. Having served as a volunteer for a […]

Cybersecurity and InfoSec aren’t for PRs to worry about… are they?

Guest blog by PwC’s Craig McGill  “Cybersecurity? Eh? That’s not a PR thing is it? That’s for the geeks and techies” was how one person spoke to me about learning #PRFest is putting on a session on Cybersecurity. As the speaker for that session you won’t be shocked to hear I think they are completely wrong – […]

9 top tips for mobile marketing in 2017

Aura looks at the opportunities which lie in mobile marketing. The mobile has climbed the ladder to be one of the most popular ways to interact with brands, consume information and search, so it’s essential to ensure your PR and communications strategy includes mobile marketing in 2017. According to the number of smartphone users […]

Independent PR practitioners – 8 difficulties the job brings

Independent PR practitioners don’t have bosses and teams to fall back on When you’re an independent PR practitioner it can be difficult to get the balance right and have all the answers. If you work in a team, you can bounce ideas off each other, you can ask the experts in their areas of work […]

Eight important PR business learnings in eight years

Aura celebrated its eighth anniversary at the end of 2016. I’ve taken the opportunity to reflect on eight of my PR business learnings. I’ve been in the PR business now for 15 years, eight of which I’ve run Aura. Both Aura and I have developed significantly over the years, with big influences from other PR […]

Launching a brand in Scotland

Launching a brand in Scotland takes research, planning and it’s all about building relationships with people who have never heard of your brand. Aura is currently working on a project which will see the launch of a brand (consumer) from outside the UK, launch in two cities in Scotland. The brand has well and truly captured the […]

My favourite PR tools this summer

PR tools are essential for practitioners to do our job quickly and effectively. There are a number (250+) of PR tools over on #PRStack, a community developed by Stephen Waddington with support from Prezly. There have been two books created out of the community, the last of which I submitted an entry. As the PR world […]

Why sharing is caring in public relations

Those of us who blog about PR-related topics know what value lies in it. It can help make us an influencer, a thought-leader, an industry commentator, but it also allows others to learn from our experiences. Blogging should be personal, it should be view and opinion based and it should be relevant to the target […]

PR entrepreneurial thinking

PR has the opportunity to embrace entrepreneurial thinking Business skills and entrepreneurship are not the same thing. Business looks at financials, spreadsheets and marketing plans whilst entrepreneurs look at finding problems and coming up with solutions. It’s the way someone thinks. If you look at risk, for example, business will teach you how to mitigate risk […]