PR and design thinking

PR and design thinking – human-centered processes “In the past, design has most often occurred fairly far down in the development process and has focused on making new products aesthetically attractive or enhancing brand perception through smart, evocative advertising. Today, as innovation’s terrain expands to encompass human-centered processes and services as well as products, companies […]

Why using video in PR activity is good for engagement

Using video in PR to engage audiences Let’s face it, we all know that mobile is increasingly taking over a) how we consume media and b) our evenings! Do you sit on the couch with your mobile beside you? Guilty! The time has come for PR practitioners to up the tactics and start using video in […]

Media relations – not as you knew it

Media relations has changed from focusing on journalists to now identifying and working with influencers. PESO – the new PR media model has helped shape the way PR practitioners work with ‘the media’. As a small Glasgow PR consultancy, Aura PR is not blinkered by sticking with the old way, we always look for new ways […]

Working in PR requires more than PR skills

PR isn’t just about ‘doing work’, it requires other non- PR skills which come with experience, CPD and hard work. Having worked in PR for 15 years I realise that less experienced practitioners, in particular students, don’t really grasp the full extent of the PR business. I was on an interview call last week with […]

How PR budgets are changing

PR budgets used to be for fees. As we work to the PESO model, when we’re working out PR budgets, we need to ensure there are resources for paid media. Recently a client came to me with one budget that was for ‘PR’. I asked if there was a budget for paid media, after our proposal […]

PR has an opportunity to address taboo topics

How many of you have seen the recent news about ‘period leave’ for women or shy away from mental health issues such as self harming and suicide? Probably a lot of us. The truth is, as times have changed, we are more open to talking more openly about what used to be considered a ‘private matter’, […]

Public relations – not as you’d know it

Public relations has moved on with technology allowing people to find news, shop and book a restaurant at the touch of an app. We heard last week about The Independent stopping its print edition. What does this mean? It means that traditional print media is well and truly on its way out. Local papers are […]

Content: 10 points to help you generate ideas

Content isn’t new to PR. We’ve been creating content forever. With more platforms requiring different types of content and with planning not always going to plan, use these points to help you generate ideas. Re-purpose older content and present it differently e.g. a blog post turned into a mini video or podcast Listen on social […]

Tips on how to integrate PR and SEO

PR and SEO can and should exist side by side Last week I took part in a #Mozinar, a webinar delivered by Moz. Whilst I understand a fair amount about SEO, sometimes it’s good to have refresher on how it integrates with PR. Aura PR is moving with the times! One of the biggest challenges for […]

New funding to help improve your brand

Scottish Enterprise has launched a new funding scheme to help improve design in Scottish business The funding can contribute between £2,000 and £5,000 to help you design new products, processes or services or to help you improve the design of existing products, processes or services. Who can apply? VAT registered companies in Scotland (except Highlands and […]