Is PR a management discipline?

I have heard more and more people working in public relations saying that PR is a management discipline.  I have also witnessed many people nodding in agreement, in a sage strokey-beard kind of way.  I admit that I was one of these ‘nodders’ … until I stopped to think about it and realised that I do not know […]

Is the PR procurement process fit for purpose?

I have recently been involved in the procurement process for a membership organisation wanting to find a new PR provider. I found the procurement process a real eye-opener and it has made me think about how organisations go about choosing PR support and wondering if there can / should be guidance to ensure both sides […]

What is Chartered PR status & how do you ‘get’ it? 10 top tips

Chartered status is the norm in well-established professions – Chartered Accountants are probably the most well-known – but it is relatively new and unheard of in public relations. In fact, until November 2015 there were only 51 Chartered PR Practitioners. Becoming chartered ought to be part of the career journey of every member of a […]

Chartered PR Practitioner – are you ready?

Being chartered, regardless of the profession you work in, is validation of your skills, knowledge and understanding of the context of what you do.  Being chartered is a message to those who employ you that you practice to the highest standard and is a badge which shows you are committed to life-long learning and development […]

4 steps to creating a stakeholder map

Do you know what a stakeholder map is? Do you have a stakeholder map for your membership organisation? Do you think one would be useful? I ask as an associate rang me last week to ask for my advice as she was asked to analyse audiences and she remembered me waxing lyrical about how useful, but […]

You can teach an old dog new tricks – why CPD is important

There are two types of people who work in public relations – those who continue to learn and develop their skills to be the best they can be … and those who don’t. I am in the ‘continue to learn and develop’ camp. The world of PR changes quickly, whether it is new technology, new […]

What is best practice in PR?

Ask 20 PR practitioners what they believe is best practice in pr and you could get 20 different answers – you shouldn’t, but as PR is an art and not a science, what is best practice is up to individual interpretation. What is not up for debate is that for PR to be effective it […]

Public relations in 2015 – outcome of the CIPR Board meeting

New blog post: The landscape for public relations is changing, and as a Board member of the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) I am fully aware of the implications this has for PR practitioners – whether in-house, agency or independent. The results of the latest CIPR State of the Profession survey were released last […]

Blurred lines

Earlier this week, the CIPR published State of the Profession 2015 – an annual report covering the trends, issues, opportunities and challenges facing the business of public relations as revealed by research conducted with over 2,000 PR professionals. Lindsey Collumbell, CIPR Board Director and Founder of Bojangle Communications, has analysed the key findings relating to […]

The changing nature of public relations

New blog post: Today, the Chartered Institute of Public Relations (CIPR) published its State of the Profession 2015 survey, in which over 2,000 PR practitioners participated.  Some of the findings make sobering reading (a clear gap in gender pay, a lack of digital/social skills and low levels of diversity), but there are also elements to be positive about – […]