Eight practical ideas for improving self-employment

Self-employment brings many benefits, especially to people who have a liberal-like desire to have more control over their own lives. Yet it also comes with its burdens, which is where the RSA‘s Charter for the Self-Employed and its eight proposals to improve self-employment come in: The following ideas are intended to address the disadvantages facing the […]

If the Americans did polls like the Brits, the headlines would be about Trump’s unpopularity

Reassuring that most of the news about Donald Trump’s poll ratings. He might love attacking Muslims, but Donald Trump is less popular than Muslims with his fellow Americans: Americans like Muslims more than they like Donald Trump https://t.co/vCbqYcDbb6 pic.twitter.com/IlFtCrnkuj — Farhad Manjoo (@fmanjoo) December 10, 2015 Donald Trump: unpopular populist It’s also worth noting from […]

The most important 24 seconds ever in a press conference

Unless you know what this is all about, the following 24 seconds from a press conference look remarkably tedious and the key moment of drama at 17 seconds in seems clothed in dullness. But in terms of global impact, it’s hard to beat this brief press conference sequence: The person answering the questions on November 9, 1989 […]

Google adds very helpful option to target ads based on email addresses

For a while now both Facebook and Twitter have offered the ability to upload a list of email addresses and then run ads on their networks targeted just at those people. The social networks look to see who has used on their profile an email address in your upload, and shows ads just to those […]

What do the spooks want to be able to do to our privacy?

It’s fairly clear what Theresa May wants to do (and, please, don’t tell her what a threat walking is), but what to the spooks themselves actually want? There are some intriguing – and from a civil liberties perspective, reassuring – hints in the report of a recent event at which “a former “C” (Chief of […]

The Guardian wisely adopts BBC’s editorial line on polling

During the general election, I commented on how wise the BBC’s editorial approach to opinion polls looked. Forged in the aftermath of the polling debacle of 1992, those guidelines include: When reporting the findings of opinion polls (especially voting intention polls in the United Kingdom), whether commissioned by the BBC or others: We should not […]

Farron floats major rebranding of the Lib Dems

View image | gettyimages.com Tim Farron might not be wanting to change the party’s name, but he is talking about a widespread rebranding of the party: The Liberal Democrats could look at changing their party colour and “liberty bird” logo as part of a review planned by Tim Farron, if he wins the party’s leadership […]

Get your 2015 general election data here

View image | gettyimages.com The British Election Study has put together its first release of all the constituency results in convenient Excel format. Download the data file here. If you also want all the national voting intention polls for the Parliament, there’s my opinion polls database (which will be updated at the end of Q2 […]

Help, I’ve got lots of new members. What do I do? #libdemfightback

It’s a nice problem to have. It’s an unexpected problem to have. But it’s still a problem: quite what should local parties do with all the new members flooding in since polling day, the vast majority of whom are new to political parties. Don’t invite new members to “come campaigning” Imagine you’ve just joined the […]

Ah bless, The Guardian is missing us already

The Guardian‘s editorial: The Lib Dems were frequently a moderating, and on occasion a truly positive, force within the coalition. Even in social security, a field in which they ultimately proved disappointingly willing to fold, they postponed the serious Conservative assault for a couple of years. On the core liberal territory they proved more determined […]