How not to do online campaigning

Manchurian Candidates. I’m repeating that joke, with added background reading material. — ben goldacre (@bengoldacre) April 30, 2015 Read Original Post

A Conservative unwisely giving free drinks to voters

A Conservative agent tweets about his candidate handing out free drinks to voters in Feltham and Heston. Cough, treating, cough. Good to see @SimonNayyar handing out the smoothies in #Feltham this morning @Conservatives #Simon2Win — Darren MacKie (@darrenwmackie) April 28, 2015 Read Original Post

What matters in online campaigning?

Cool new apps aside, good old email remains, as any digital strategist will attest, the primary way of soliciting donations and “activating” a candidate’s supporters. Source: Rand Paul’s Internet Army – Tom Bartlett – POLITICO Magazine Read Original Post

Deciding what to do with my ballot paper was harder than I expected

Decisions, decisions. Should I vote on my ballot paper using a normal cross? Or should I break out my election law books and work out hardest adjudication test possible over whether something is a spoilt vote to set the Returning Officer? Tempting, very tempting… but my lips are sealed on what I decided. Read Original […]

Look at each pollster on their own and the polls are very consistent

Ignore the apparently regular fluctuations on who is in the lead as polls from different companies come out muddled together. Instead focus in on what each pollster on its own has been saying during March and April. Five never have Labour in the lead. Three never have the Tories in the lead. One has shown […]