How a small number of SNP supporters generate a large volume of noise in social media

View image | Interesting analysis by Adam Parker, showing how a relatively small number of SNP Twitter accounts manage to have a disproportionate impact on online discussion, especially by looking out for supportive messages from small Twitter accounts which are then heavily retweeted: One of the first major examples of social media analysis that […]

Will the police be investigating Grant Shapps?

View image | As then Labour MP Phil Woolas discovered*, it’s against the law to lie about candidates (Representation of the People Act 1983, Section 106). Which is why a Labour MP has been able to call on the Director of Public Prosecutions to investigate the Grant Shapps Wikipedia editing scandal: Karl Turner, the […]

Once again, Clegg gets a great reaction going on The Last Leg

@nick_clegg @LibDems on @TheLastLeg #TheLastLeg has won my vote, sorry @natalieben @TheGreenParty you just mess up too many times. — Mark (@MCW_1988) April 23, 2015 Nick clegg was so funny on the last leg — Aimee Stubbins (@aimeestubbbo) April 23, 2015 Nick Clegg has some serious balls going on the last leg Read Original Post

Crime in England and Wales falls to lowest level since records began in 1981

The Office for National Statistics reports: Latest figures from the Crime Survey for England and Wales (CSEW) showed that, for the offences it covers, there were an estimated 6.9 million incidents of crime against households and resident adults (aged 16 and over) in England and Wales. This is a 7% decrease compared with the previous […]

Unsung heroes of the election: Sylvia Emmott

Welcome to another of the unsung heroes of the 2015 general election; this time it’s Sylvia Emmott. As Tim Farron says of Sylvia: Sylvia Emmott is one of those people that every local party has. A person who is civic minded, community spirited and dedicated, Sylvia is a party stalwart. She is someone who doesn’t want […]

Why Lib Dems shouldn’t be afraid of a referendum on Europe

Support for remaining in the EU ahead by 10% three months in a row (highest ever) – — YouGov (@YouGov) April 22, 2015 In fact, the best circumstances for winning a referendum are when: There’s a public lead for an ‘in’ vote, even without an ‘if there is a renegotiation’ caveat (which always […]