Copywriting for YouTube Ads – How to Get ‘Buyer’ Clicks Fast

YouTube ads may be dirt cheap to run. But that doesn’t mean making them profitable is easy. Far from it. People now have WORSE attention spans than goldfish (Microsoft did a study on it). And you’re competing for attention with an entire screen of things to click on like an elaborate game of dopamine whack-a-mole. […]

Be a CMO. Not a Copywriter

Are you a CMO or a copywriter? Because here’s the thing, it’s not about job titles but mindset. With more and more copywriters joining the market and AI tools now able to write basic articles, you need to offer more than just ‘copy’. Clients need someone who’s able to strategise, solve their problems, and deliver […]

Big 3 Copywriter Traits to Go from Good to Great

In our line of work, there are no diplomas, certificates, or league tables to tell you when you’ve made the grade. There’s no board of examiners to say when you’ve progressed from competent to craftsman. Sure, praise from clients and conversion stats helps. But if you want to feel confident you’ve got the chops to […]

Schwarzenegger on Marketing

Recently I’ve been reading the autobiography of the prior Governator Arnold Schwarzenegger. And it truly is a rags to riches story. His work ethic, ambition and promotional nous led to him amassing millions before he was even a movie star. His appointment to Governor of California was no fluke (whatever your opinions on his performance […]

Dealing with Failure

We all have to face this at some point in our working lives. We work our fingers to the bone to get a campaign launched, only to see it fizzle for a while before dying completely. The clickthrough rate is abysmal. We barely get a 1% conversion rate on the sales page and we start […]

8 ways to spice up stories about your product

“Grab a cushion and gather round. I have a story to tell.” Everyone has fond memories of story time as kids. And the love of a good tale, of heroes, villains and victory against the odds, never dies. For this reason, stories are marketing gold. They swoop under people’s anti-sales radar to deliver a payload of emotion, […]

The simple way to write copy

People often ask me what it takes to become a copywriter. What I tell them is this… To be a great (or just good) copywriter you don’t need to be able to write like Hemingway. But you DO need to be understood. Your writing needs to be easy to read. And it’s the strength of […]

4 Better Ways of Getting Exposure than Press Releases

Do you still write press releases for clients? If you have media contacts, it may be a worthwhile strategy. But just publishing press release in the hope they get read by the right people is about as effective as air dropping it as confetti in a force 12 gale. Here are four alternatives: 1. Buy a slot in an […]