Poor communications see WhatsApp users flock to privacy-focused rivals

In recent years a growing number of people have been turning their backs on Facebook. Whether due to an alleged lack of action on hate speech or over privacy concerns, over the past 12 months the exodus from Facebook’s core platform seems to have gained ground. However, while people are leaving Facebook – the app […]

Social Leaders: The Growing Importance Of Executive Communications

There has long been talk about the need for organisations’ senior leaders to embrace more social forms of communication. The evolution of social media channels towards more publishing-centric models has meant that it is now more important than ever for executives to be mindful of their online presence. The opportunities that modern, social and digital-led […]

Protein World Won’t Win Any PR Awards: And Here’s Why

The talk of the marketing and PR world of late, but the big question about Protein World’s ‘beach body ready’ campaign – should we call it a success or not? I think the key thing to remember here is who Protein World are targeting with this campaign – much like Katie Hopkins, in this case […]

Professional Bodies: Postnominals & PR Week?

What motivates people to join PR’s professional bodies, is it just about postnominals and PR Week? Or is it something more? Mr Motivator (image taken from Dave Tett on Flickr under CCL A discussion I started on Linkedin, a recent post by Scott Guthrie and chatter in the PR industry have got me thinking about why PR […]

CIPR Report Another Wake Up Call For ‘Profession’

Earlier this week the CIPR (Chartered Institute of Public Relations) published its annual State of the Profession report, and it’s not an easy read. It highlights the same issues we have seen in these reports for the last few years and despite lots of talk about becoming more professional, tackling a lack of diversity and gender imbalance, it […]