Aggression & Trolling Undermines a Valuable Link Request Debate

A firestorm erupted last week when The Times business journalist Deirdre Hipwell tweeted her frustration at being constantly asked by PR and SEO consultants to include hyperlinks to their clients’ websites in her online articles. What hasn’t been reported, however, is how she has been mercilessly trolled and abused about it. When Deirdre initially tweeted […]

Painting Yourself Into A Corner

Before we get into this post, I need you to answer a quick question. What sort of work do you think I do? Whatever it is, we’ll come back to that in just a moment. _____________________________________ “Carve yourself a niche”, they said. “Focus on and become known for one thing”, they said. It seemed like […]

Four Critical Statistics Every Comms Pro Should Know & Understand

This is just a guess, but when David Bowie wrote “turn and face the strange” in the lyrics to Changes in 1971, I don’t think he was referencing the communications industry some 47 years in the future. But let’s withhold disbelief for just a second and assume I’m wrong. What absolutely incredible foresight the man […]

Why Collaborative Learning is the Future for PR & Comms

The days of learning through sitting in an auditorium passively listening to people talk for six hours are over. Or should be. The speaker-to-audience conference format is limited because it doesn’t provide the audience with the freedom to be curious, to explore ideas, to ask questions and to pick the brains of the people around […]

Proving the Value of Social Media: A Detailed Case Study

In March this year I was contacted by a company called The Tattoo Shop for assistance with its social media strategy. Six months later and the company’s revenue has increased by an impressive 23%. As a case study, it goes a long way towards proving that the strategic use of social media marketing can have […]

Why I Said ‘Non’ to the European Parliament as a Client

While the transfer window for football clubs to make summer signings slammed shut yesterday with the usual flurry of crazy stories and late moves, another deadline came and went in rather less sensational circumstances. The European Parliament closed the tender process for strategic social media support around Brexit. Back in July I was contacted by […]

9 key things you need to know how to do to future proof your career in PR

A couple of weeks ago I published a post looking at topic areas you must have an understanding of if you want a future in PR. It covered things including online behaviour, link building and the intersection of different types of digital media. This post builds on that by identifying not just areas you need […]

Has PR Missed the SEO Boat?

In 2012, Google introduced the Penguin algorithm update. It was designed to catch websites that attempted to boost their search engine rankings by, among other things, buying backlinks or obtaining them through link networks. It placed the emphasis firmly on authentic, quality backlink profiles, and it should have started a gold rush for the public […]

7 Things You MUST Understand for a Future in PR

  With the ever-increasing importance of digital media for public relations and marketing communications professionals, a new set of knowledge and skills has arisen if you want to future proof your career. A few short years ago, these were ‘nice-to-haves’. Traditional media was chugging along and the old rules still kind of applied. But in […]

5 Strategies for Managing an Online Crisis

Barely a week passes when a company or brand doesn’t hit the news for all the wrong reasons. Uber CEO Travis Kalanick videod being a jerk to one of his drivers; the PwC Oscars’ Best Picture mis-announcement calamity; Samsung’s flammable Galaxy Note 7 smartphone…just a few that spring immediately to mind. And make no mistake […]